The resources below are provided for those participating in TEEP level one and two courses, and are also available to the general public.

Boxed set of TEEP leaflets
13 leaflets comprising the 6 stages of the TEEP Cycle:
    • Prepare for learning
    • Agree learning outcomes
    • Present new information
    • Construct
    • Apply to demonstrate
    • Review.

And the underpinning elements:
  • Accelerated learning
  • Thinking for learning
  • Assessment for learning
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Effective teacher behaviours
  • effective learner behaviours
  • Effective use of ICT

Key updates:

  • Updated practical guidance and tips for TEEP in your classroom
  • Content updated with the latest thinking on teaching and learning such as Dweck’s promoting growth mindsets, Claxton and Lucas’ expansive pedagogy, Sugata Mitra’s Self Organising Learning Environments (SOLE), varieties of teaching and learning approaches, Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy and more!
  • Brand new written insert on How ICT can be used to enhance teaching and learning
  • Addition of recent findings from 2013 SSAT Redesigning Schooling research
  • Fully commissioned references and further reading list – linking the TEEP model with the latest academic research

Product: Ref TEEP-01   |   Cost: £25.00

Vocational education TEEP leaflets – Same as above but TEEP cycle leaflets are adapted for those who teach vocational subjects.

Product: Ref TEEP-02 | Cost: £25.00

Spider thinking posters – a set of 6 laminated posters. Each illustrates a stage of Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, plus a cut-out fly which can be positioned to indicate a level of thinking. Including: Knowledge; Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation; Review.

Product: Ref TEEP-03 | Cost: £17.50

For all enquiries please contact the TEEP team by email – or phone – 0207 802 9003.

TEEP resources for associates
After TEEP training, delegates are welcomed into the TEEP associate network and have the opportunity to access a wide range of resources. See below for more information.

TEEP website associate access – exclusive content including TEEP’ed lesson plans, activities and more.
TEEP video toolkit – development videos that cover: Interactive Teaching; Classroom Management; Teaching and Learning styles; Classroom Climate and; Effective Learner Behaviours.
TEEP Sandbox – an opportunity for staff to share feedback on resources with colleagues from across the country.
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