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SSAT National Conference 2014 – The Learner


Conference Details

The SSAT National Conference 2014 took place on 4-5 December in Manchester. Over 780 individuals attended to explore what education could look like when our decisions are guided by what is best for learners. Throughout the conference, students provided powerful, exhilarating and moving contributions which we hope inspired everyone’s long-term plans for their school.

Charles Leadbeater joined us on the first morning of the conference to discuss why we should put creativity, community and character at the heart of education.

Entrepreneur Sherry Coutu explored what skills employers are looking for in young people, whilst David McQueen considered how we develop the next generation’s leaders.

Lord Baker and Edge Foundation stressed the importance of high-quality vocational education and a panel of students and teachers from studio schools and UTCs highlighted some of the opportunities these schools are making available.

Pasi Sahlberg shared how educational reforms are changing how young people are learning around the world and what lessons our system should take.

On Friday, Eric Mazur addressed the question ‘Why can learners pass tests but then fail at life?’, concluding that the process of assessment can in itself be a useful learning experience if we change our thinking on how we design and deliver classroom assessments.

We examined what can be achieved when the role of educators is redefined with Sugata Mitra and students from Newcastle sharing learning from the inspirational ‘School in the Cloud’ project in a live link up with students in India and Newcastle.

Landau Forte College were one of the winners of SSAT’s student video competition, and so were invited to present their video at SSAT National Conference 2014. View it below.

Conference Recap

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