SSAT’s Strategic Partners

SSAT is proud to work in partnership with a varied range of industry leaders and organisations whose purpose and convictions align with our own. We exist to help improve outcomes for all young people and our partners support us in offering insight and understanding into teaching, learning and system leadership to our members.

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Sound Training, SSAT’s Leading Literacy Partner, is an award winning company working across the UK and beyond to improve literacy and achievement. Lexonik by Sound Training is the only literacy intervention to impact on literacy rapidly and effectively. With over 50,000 students taught to date, participation in the sixweek programme has delivered an average increase in reading age of 27 months.

Using a combination of unique resources and instruction, Lexonik improves literacy levels, vocabulary and comprehension, and accelerates learning for even the most able of learners. Lexonik provides an intensive boost, challenging and motivating learners, enhancing engagement, confidence and success throughout the curriculum and in life itself!

Lexonik can be delivered to students in your school by one of our experienced teachers, or we can train members of your team, providing a fantastic CPD opportunity as well as the skills, knowledge, resources and licence to teach their unique prescriptive programme. For those needing help to support EAL learners or those with limited literacy, the Lexonik Leap one-day training course for teachers is the answer. With the knowledge, diagnostic tool and resources to provide flexible, needs-led instruction, teachers are revolutionising their approach to this group of learners with Leap.

SSAT member schools are entitled to a 10% discount on the price per pupil.

Youth Sports Trust

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership between SSAT and the Youth Sport Trust. Between our two organisations, we support the majority of schools in England. We shared a similar history and a common moral purpose. By bringing together SSAT’s curriculum leadership, YST’s wellbeing expertise and our powerful networks of schools we have the opportunity to form a uniquely strong voice championing the value of a broad and balanced curriculum. Across the two organisations, young people are at the heart of everything we do. We are focused on wellbeing and achievement, and our work is led by schools and teachers. Crucially, this strategic partnership will enable us to offer even greater support to our membership, enriching schools, teachers and young people.

Childnet International

Fair Education Alliance

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