What we do

At SSAT we believe that schools can be the liveliest, most inspiring communities on earth. They can set students up for life.

But unlocking all that drive and energy is far from easy. It’s hard finding and communicating real purpose and vision, seeing beyond the immediate pressures, being outward, not inward looking.  And it’s even harder nowadays when all kinds of external challenges – from academisation to shrinking budgets – stifle our sense of the possible.

At SSAT we think the moment has come to break through those limitations again. We did it thirty years ago when we launched the specialist schools movement. Now we’re on a mission to persuade a new generation of school leaders that when you think boldly and differently, schools thrive.

Put simply, we’re about fresh ideas. And we work with ambitious schools in three key ways…

By being a focus of knowledge – of what works in great schools and what the big thinkers in education are thinking.

By designing the country’s best professional development programmes – that inspire colleagues to go beyond the quick fixes and to innovate to improve.

And by being catalysts for collaboration – mobilising our networks, the most extensive in the country, to get schools working together to make students’ lives.