Achievement Show 2016 – English and literacy

Focus on raising achievement in English and embedding literacy across the curriculum

Outstanding teachers and subject leaders from across the country share their strategies for achieving great results in English, improving the quality of teaching and learning and embedding literacy across the curriculum.

St Edmund’s Girls’ School

‘Achieving exceptional outcomes in English’

Tiffin Girls’ School

An English Curriculum to stretch, challenge and inspire Years 7-13

Speaker: Charis Hunn-Smith (Head of English)

This presentation will focus on designing an ‘all-through’ curriculum: using Key Stage 3 to embed academic literacy without using it as a mini-GCSE stage, building a structured system that empowers teachers; choosing an exam board for GCSE and designing a curriculum that takes students beyond the specification into a greater enjoyment of English; making choices to develop independent learning in sixth form English and better prepare students for English courses at university.


Raising the profile and status of English at Tiffin Girls’ School (a very science-strong school), providing rigour and challenge but also enjoyable learning opportunities.

Jack Hunt School

Using EAL Learners to Build Academic Language and Help ALL Students

Speakers: Kate Simpson-Holley (Deputy Headteacher), Grace Kennedy and Richard Kaseta (students)

After training from an EAL consultant, a diverse group of students in an inner-city comprehensive school have developed staff training and classroom resources that enhance academic language use. Working initially with maths teachers, students explored the text types and linguistic demands of this subject to improve teaching.


A clear improvement in Jack Hunt School students’ understanding of problems, ability to write answers and the discussions taking place in class which is being extended across the curriculum with the aims of improving lessons, enhancing academic written answers and helping students achieve their potential.