Achievement show 2016 – Inspiring schools

Five schools: five inspiring stories

Each year we select five schools from the Leading Edge network that have been achieving great things and ask them to come and share their story. The schools come from across the country and from a range of contexts – all are achieving exceptional outcomes for their students.

St Andrew’s Catholic School

Thinking differently to raise achievement

Speaker: Alan Mitchell, Headteacher

This session examines the challenge to continually improve the quality of experience offered to students.  The aim of this presentation is to get schools to think about how they evaluate different aspects of school improvement to ensure that what they develop is a proactive rather than reactive approach to school improvement.


GCSE Value Added figures of 1067.8 with all groups above 1030 every year for the past 4 years at St Andrew’s Catholic School.

Oxford Spires Academy

Getting high Progress 8 in schools in challenging circumstances

Speaker: Sue Croft (Principal)

This presentation examines a journey to high progress 8 and the key drivers for improvement including high expectations, a focus on teaching and learning, rapport and behaviour management, personalisation, tracking and intervention, an academic curriculum and collaboration.

Denbigh High School

Remaining outstanding in challenging and changing times

Speakers: Colin Townsend (Headteacher) and Ian Stonnell (Head of Department RE)

This presentation will aim to elicit key elements of Denbigh High School’s return to ‘outstanding’ territory over the last two years. The session will guide delegates through headlines and pointers from core aspects of the school’s professional journey from 2014 to 2016 in relation to safeguarding, curriculum, teaching and learning and pupil outcomes.


An SSAT Educational Outcomes Awards for Denbigh High School in exceptional pupil progress, and their highest ever GCSE results and top 100 status of secondary schools in England for Best 8 KS2 to KS4 progress with a Progress 8 score at +0.74.

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Closing the gap with disadvantaged students

Woolwich Polytechnic School

RAP Meetings – how student-centred discussions are at the heart of progress

Speaker: Tim Plumb (Headteacher)

This presentation will outline how daily student-centred RAP meetings discussing a group of students one-by-one and involving a range of staff, have led to improved outcomes. Up-to-date data, feedback from every department and the attendance of key staff make these meetings focused and relevant to each student’s needs.


Peer-led accountability and transparency make these meetings great CPD opportunities as well as providing swift changes to students’ learning.