Achievement Show 2016 – Leading learning (Zone A)

Focus on strategic leadership of teaching and learning

Schools share their tried-and-tested strategies for driving the improvement of teaching and learning. Expect to see a wide range of themes in these two zones this year, including quality assuring teaching and learning, improving student motivation and making learning memorable.

Walthamstow School for Girls

The GREEN School

Speaker: Marianna Philippou (Assistant Headteacher)

This session covers revisiting core values and developing the GREEN vision and learning line – a core tool for helping staff and students to understand and reflect upon the learning process and to build learning power skills such as resilience and perseverance.  It also looks at using project-based learning for year 7 and GREEN lessons to help build skills, and rolling this out and embed the GREEN vision and learning line in all curriculum areas.

Greenbank High School

Mind the Gap: The Greenbank first class learning journey for disadvantaged pupils towards success in Year 11

Speaker: Tina Cullen (Assistant Headteacher)

Providing a snapshot of the journey taken by a disadvantaged pupil, this session will show the interventions made from Year 7 to Year 11 in order for pupils to reach their full potential.


Narrowing the gaps at Greenbank High School.

Lordswood Girls School

Making Progress 8 work for your school

Kingsthorpe College

Evaluating Teaching Not Teachers

Speakers: Jennie Giovanelli (Vice Principal) and Ben Baines (Assistant Principal)

This session looks at the importance of evaluating teaching, not teachers.  With Ofsted now promoting an approach which does not grade lesson observations, there is still a need to ensure that the quality of teaching is effectively developed and evaluated within schools. The evaluating teaching cycle offers an approach to school improvement which aligns improving the quality of teaching alongside making sure that this impacts on students’ outcomes and closes any achievement gaps that may exist. Underpinning the cycle are a developmental approach, collaborative practice, personalisation, and there are no gradings of teachers in sight.

Horndean Technology College

Work smarter, reduce time and improve impact on learners by using audio to digital feedback instantly via a sticker

Speaker: Andrew Gray (Assistant Headteacher)

The focus of the presentation is on developing an audio to sticker feedback system to record verbal feedback and then return the saved feedback to the students, including using IT and the help of an innovation grant to develop software to print labels from any device.


Teachers at Horndean Technology College save time and feel empowered, and students are improving the quality of their work. The data so far indicates improved outcomes.