Achievement Show 2016 – Learning technologies

Focus on the effective use of technology in the classroom and across the school

Schools share innovative and effective approaches to the use of technology. Hear about how a range of technologies have been used to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, to support effective assessment practices and to improve communications across and beyond the school.

Eastlea Community School

Microbits and computing in the Learning Technologies zone

Speaker: Stephen Richards

We will examine the use of new, low cost technologies as a means of delivering the new computing curriculum and their potential value as a way of freeing teachers and students from limitations that may be on a managed school network.

This will focus on BBC Microbits and Raspberry Pi, including strategies for their use in the classroom.

We will also look into some practical ways of encouraging and tracking student progress –“assessment without levels” using digital badges.

We have been praised for our work in these areas by leading figures in industry: and our projects have also featured in examples of outstanding practice by the BBC

The De Ferrers Academy

Ensuring that learning technologies have impact, in and out of the classroom, through effective leadership and pedagogies

Speaker: Greg Hughes (Vice Principal – Learning Technologies and Curriculum)

This workshop examines how de Ferrers Academy have moved from having no mobile technology strategy to becoming one of the UK’s most successful examples, evidenced by 100 visitors to the Academy in just the last 2 months. The session looks at how the use of 1:1 tablets impacts upon student outcomes, assessment and workflow and transforms engagement and learning, with real-life examples from many curriculum areas. Including examples of best practice with live tech demos, ideas sharing and also tips for overcoming barriers as well as links to hundreds of awesome, free resources.

Upton By Chester High School

Embedding E learning

Speaker: John Keegan (Deputy Head)

This session focuses on how the effective use of ICT can transform learning, empower staff and students to engage, interact and promote creative expression in their classrooms, and promote student responsibility and leadership. It covers issues including how the use of iPads can transform the way students learn and teachers teach, developing technological skills and thinking creatively, and providing students with more opportunities to develop their independent and collaborative learning skills.


Praise from Ofsted for Upton By Chester High School’s use of iPads: ‘Students are generally keen to learn and respond well to questions in class. They are able to sustain attention and focus on tasks, and are active in investigating topics. They are responsible when using their tablet computers, and research and check information in lessons independently.’

In a survey carried out with students in December 2015, 98% use iPads regularly for homework and 95% feel more motivated and can work better with iPads.

Wood Green Academy

Introducing mobile devices for learning – Wood Green Academy’s first steps: a case study.

Speaker: Nick Murray (Head of eLearning)

This case study session explains how Wood Green Academy introduced iPads for all sixth form students and have rolled out class-sets of devices across this academic year. This presentation shares their experience, successes and learning with specific focus on how mobile devices have impacted on learner engagement and Assessment for Learning.