Achievement Show 2016 – Science and STEM

Focus on raising achievement in science and STEM

Outstanding teachers and subject leaders from across the country share their strategies for raising achievement in science and establishing creative and effective approaches to the teaching of STEM.

Little Ilford School

Strategic planning and the MER

Speakers: Fahima Munshi (Teacher of Science and Triple Science Coordinator) and Oliver Trayner (Teacher of Science and Combined Science Coordinator)

This session discusses the strategic planning system put in place to steer through curriculum changes, developing protocols to systemise the work of the department. Including details of the five-year plan intended to bring the curriculum of KS3 in line with KS4 to produce effectively a five-year GCSE curriculum.

Loreto Grammar School

‘LEARN – Loreto Engineering and Robotics Network: our journey into promoting STEM careers to girls’

Dartford Grammar School

Stretch and Challenge in Science and provision for STEM

Speakers: Barry Stephenson (Assistant Headteacher) and Eliot Pugh (Science Specialism Manager)

This presentation will cover materials suitable for heads of science, key stage managers and classroom teachers, looking at techniques to use directly with students as well as strategies for improving the quality of assessment, feedback, student action, and teacher/pupil dialogue leading into tracking progress through appropriate levels of challenge. The underlying theme throughout will be to look at how to challenge students to stretch their scientific thought processes and raise enthusiasm for science and overall achievement. This will be linked to how specialist status in science and STEM can complement a provision for science.

George Dixon Academy

Outstanding performance in triple science

Speaker: Abigail Deutsch (Head of Biology)

This presentation will focus on practical ideas to achieve outstanding performance in triple science, discussing the key strategies to promote outstanding performance in triple science such as assessment, data tracking, student selection, curriculum, communication and outstanding teaching and learning. A small group of students will accompany talk about their experiences in science.

East Barnet School

STEM at East Barnet School

Speaker: Denis Hallam (Associate Deputy Headteacher)

The focus of this session will be on the development of STEM activities at EBS from the innovative introduction of Triple-E school (Enhancement, Enrichment, Engagement) including rockets and flight, forensic science, film making, wetland investigations, robotics and including an extraordinarily ambitious science/ D&T initiative project: Mission Possible.


East Barnet School teams have been UK Robotics Champions for four consecutive years, and represented the UK at the World Championships in the USA for the last four years.