SSAT Aspirations Show 2018

July 2018, London

The SSAT Aspirations Show 2018 will give young people the chance to feel they have control over their own futures through exploring their potential future pathways. The day will give your students an opportunity to engage with people from different industries and learn about the challenges business leaders face and methods to overcome them.

Your students will hear speaker sessions and interactive workshops throughout the day, and the show they will receive an SSAT student passport enabling them to record a huge range of life experiences beyond the academic.

This new one-day event draws from the same six key themes as SSAT student passports:

  1. Mastering a subject
  2. Appreciating Culture
  3. Unleashing creativity
  4. Utilising technology
  5. Thinking like an entrepreneur
  6. Leading change

Inspirational speaker sessions

Hear a range of chief executives, directors and other business leaders delivering inspirational sessions built on the key themes of student aspiration.

Interactive workshops

Get involved in one-hour workshops blending together engaging discussion topics and hands-on activities. Your students can choose two from a range of sessions giving them a flavour of what it’s like to have a career in different industries.

The SSAT Aspirations Show 2018 will help your students to feel revitalised, set their goals and be supported to fulfil those goals. Express your interest in booking places for your students and their teachers to find out more.

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