Ofsted’s 5-year plan

Much of Ofsted’s recently published 5-year plan reiterates previous statements. It explains what Ofsted are looking to do rather than how they will do it, but there are a few points that are worthy of note.

Special consideration in complex times

With exam season starting soon, Alex Galvin, Senior Education Lead, provides practical suggestions to tackle potential uncertainty. The key challenge for those planning national examinations has always been ‘how can we ensure that all pupils have an equal chance of
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We’ve got a lot of catching up to do

As teachers prepare to welcome all pupils back into their classrooms, Alex Galvin, SSAT Senior Education Lead, considers why leaders are designing longer-term recovery plans to support their pupils rather than rapid catch-up programmes

Putting trust in teachers, not algorithms

Alex Galvin, Senior Education Lead at SSAT, reflects on the announcement that teacher assessments will replace this year’s examinations; Alex also outlines the principles she believes should be considered when forming a plan that shapes and delivers assessment in order to provide a meaningful and fair judgement.