Enhancing Teaching Programme Franchise (ETP)

Become an SSAT approved licensed delivery partner

SSAT’s Enhancing Teaching Programme (ETP) will provide your teachers with a deeper understanding of teaching and learning, developing consistently outstanding practitioners for your school. All modules are built on SSAT’s Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) programme and centred on the core themes of collaboration, growth mindsets and the importance of changing habits in both teachers and learners.

Using SSAT’s quality assured materials, two teachers from your school will become qualified trainers through attending a Train-the-Trainer event. They can then go on to deliver the programme to a cohort of staff from within your school or across your networks.

A Train-the-Trainer day is held in your school and the fee includes attendance for two people, a licence for one year of delivery and six course modules. The costs for member and non-member schools are below.

ETP content and materials

ETP consists of six modules, each focusing on a different essential element of classroom practice. Each module is two hours long and the programme is supported with pre-work and follow up activities to ensure learning is transferred in to daily actions. This programme can be adapted to your context and delivered in different ways to meet your needs.

Course modules

  1. Developing independent learners

What effective learner behaviours are, developing metacognition and examining the evidence behind growth mindsets, SOLO taxonomy and habits of minds.

  1. Stimulating curiosity in learners

Developing curiosity in learners using strategies such as hinge questions.

  1. The learning process

How teachers and learners understand and reflect on the learning process and what the implications are for teachers as professionals.

  1. Effective classroom climate

Creating a supportive classroom where learners feel challenged but not threatened; building on Borich models and looking at high expectations and aspirations support learning.

  1. Formative assessment: formative feedback

How to ensure peer, self and teacher feedback is purposeful and has the maximum impact on learner progress.

  1. Planning for differentiation

Practical tools for catering for the needs of all pupils without creating unnecessary workload.

The Enhancing Teaching Programme provides cost effective CPD and the opportunity for income generation

The six modules for this programme can be delivered as cost-effective CPD to your own staff and/or be marketed commercially to other schools to provide a source of income generation for your school.

Find out more about the Enhancing Teaching modules


Licensing of ETP is open to schools rated by Ofsted as good or outstanding.

Intellectual property

SSAT has invested many years of experience and knowledge in developing the ETP modules and accreditation. The materials provided to support the programme including any case studies are solely for the use of those trainers licensed to deliver the ETP programme. All materials remain the intellectual property of SSAT and are protected by these rights.

The licence agreement and duration

The ETP programme is licensed to schools on an annual renewal basis. Licences for the next cohort will run for one year from completing the train-the-trainer event. Schools will retain their status as an ETP licence holder, subject to the school or academy continuing to meet the evaluation, quality assurance criteria and payment of the annual fee. Robust systems will be in place to ensure consistency of high quality training. quality training.

Quality Assurance

A robust quality assurance system will ensure the high status of ETP amongst schools nationally and provide validation of training standards for SSAT and its partners. Quality is assured through (but not limited to); a policy of continuous improvement, selection of licence holders and trainers, train the trainer events, ongoing evaluation and moderation. SSAT reserves the right to terminate the ETP licence if expected standards or agreed terms are not met.

Costs: £1250 (+VAT) annual licence + £200 per module delivered for member schools

Costs: £1500 (+VAT) annual licence + £240 per module delivered for non-member schools

The cost includes one-day training for two delegates. Additional delegates are costed at £75 per person +VAT.

As part of the licence agreement, all licensed partners are expected to deliver all 6 modules over the course of the year and will be billed in advance for this. Licensed partners are required to inform SSAT of any planned additional delivery.

For more information on becoming an SSAT approved licensed delivery partner please get in touch by email

Or to find out more how an approved SSAT consultant could deliver a bespoke programme directly to your school using SSAT’s PD modules please visit our PD modules section of the website.

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SSAT members: £1250 annual licence + £200 per module delivered for member schools
Non-members: £1500 annual licence + £240 per module delivered for non-member schools
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