Leaders for the Future (L4F)

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With a very real crisis of leadership looming, it is essential that the next generation of leaders are identified, retained and developed. These emerging leaders are at the heart of successful, sustainable schools.

Indeed the success of much innovation and renewal relies on teachers leading on small projects that require them to influence colleagues over whom they may not have any formal mechanism to manage. The teachers who are keen to take on these roles are often talent spotted by senior leaders for future leadership roles. For these high potential teachers, their first formal leadership role is often one for which they are under-prepared and a very steep learning curve.

The Leaders for the Future (L4F) programme is aimed at teachers with leadership potential who are in the early stages of their career. The focus is on developing leadership skills, knowledge and mind-sets, which can be used immediately to increase their impact beyond their own classroom through influencing others and working on wider projects.

Using SSAT’s quality assured materials, two teachers from your school will become qualified trainers through attending a Train-the-Trainer event. They can then go on to deliver the programme to a cohort of staff from within your school or across your networks.

The booking includes attendance to the Train the trainer day on 26 June 2018 for two people, a licence for one year of delivery and five course modules, the costs for member and non-member schools are below.

Leaders for the Future content and materials

There are five course modules. Each module is designed as a two hour training session and is ideally delivered as a twilight or modules can be combined over a half/full day. Modules are fully resourced and come with PowerPoint presentations, trainer notes and materials. The module content is not intended as a one size fits all approach and SSAT recognise that no ‘off the shelf’ package will completely meet a school’s needs. We encourage licence holders to tailor materials in a way that suits their context and schools may choose to select, adapt and add to the content as most appropriate.

Course Modules

  1. Leading yourself
  2. Leading for impact
  3. Leading and influencing others
  4. Leading yourself for the long term
  5. Leading through coaching and mentoring

See a detailed list of the Leaders for the Future module content 

Leaders for the Future provides cost effective CPD and the opportunity for income generation

The five modules available within the programme can be delivered as cost-effective CPD to your own staff and/or be marketed commercially to other schools to provide a source of income generation for the school.


Licensing of the Leaders for the Future is open schools rated by Ofsted as good or outstanding.  Licence applications will be considered on their merits and based on geographical coverage.

Group sizes

Training can be delivered to group sizes of up to twenty participants

National accreditation from SSAT and route to Masters through University of Nottingham

All modules will be accredited by SSAT and delegates will receive a certificate for modules completed.

SSAT leadership programmes offer routes to achieving Masters Accreditation through a 30 CAT points exemption from University of Nottingham course modules. This is applicable for participants completing all five course modules and also SSAT Lead Practitioner Accreditation. Delegates pursuing this route will be expected to complete a school improvement impact study, this can be used as evidence towards Lead Practitioner Status.

Intellectual property

SSAT has invested many years of experience and knowledge in to developing the modules and accreditation. The materials provided to support the programme including any case studies are solely for the use of those trainers licensed to deliver the Leaders for the Future programme.  All materials remain the intellectual property of SSAT and are protected by these rights.

The licence agreement and duration

The Leaders for the Future programme is licensed to schools on an annual renewal basis.

Licences for the next cohort will run for one year from the Train the trainer event in June 2018. Any school delivering modules within this period must hold a licence. Schools will retain their status as a Leaders for the Future licence holder, subject to the school or academy continuing to meet the evaluation, quality assurance criteria and payment of the annual fee. Robust systems will be in place to ensure consistency of high quality training. You can view the licence agreement here.

Quality assurance

A robust quality assurance system will ensure the high status of Leaders for the Future amongst schools nationally and provide validation of training standards for SSAT and its partners. Quality is assured through (but not limited to); a policy of continuous improvement, selection of licence holders and trainers, train the trainer events, ongoing evaluation and moderation. SSAT reserves the right to terminate the licence if expected standards or agreed terms are not being met.

Costs: £1,250 (+VAT) annual licence + £200 per module delivered for member schools.
Costs: £1,500 (+VAT) annual licence + £240 per module delivered for non-member schools.

The cost includes one day training for two delegates and the delivery of the minimum five modules. Up to four additional people can attend the training day at a cost of £75 (+VAT) per person

As part of the licence agreement, all licenced partners are expected to deliver all five modules over the course of the year and will be billed in advance for this when booking. Licensed partners are required to inform SSAT of any planned additional delivery.

For more information on becoming an SSAT approved licensed delivery partner please get in touch with us by email.

To find out more about how an approved SSAT consultant could deliver a bespoke programme directly to your school using SSAT’s PD modules please visit our PD Modules section.

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Launch date
26 June 2018

Get in touch with us by email

SSAT Members: £1,250 (+VAT) annual licence + £200 per module delivered for member schools.

Non-members: £1,500 (+VAT) annual licence + £240 per module delivered for non-member schools.

The cost includes one day training for two delegates and the delivery of the minimum five modules. Up to four additional people can attend the training day at a cost of £75 (+VAT) per person

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