Leaders For The Future Fast-Track

Programme Information

The SSAT Leaders for the Future programme is for high potential teachers and leaders in the early stages of their career. Participants will join an exciting national network of emerging leaders to learn and share together.

This fast-track programme consists of 10 modules delivered virtually over two terms, enabling the learning to be applied straight away. Each module provides strong foundations for successful school leadership, developing leadership skills, knowledge and mindsets to increase impact in and beyond the classroom. The programme concludes with a celebration event, including a guest speaker and opportunities for sharing practice.

It is the perfect opportunity to build upon the SSAT Leadership Legacy Project (LLP) and for developing leaders across all school phases and types.

The programme includes supporting resources, reading and activities accessed via a dedicated online platform.


The programme focuses on developing leadership skills, knowledge and mindsets, which participants can use immediately to increase their impact beyond the classroom.

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Host information

Dr Dan Belcher, Senior Education Lead, SSAT

Dr Dan Belcher, SSAT

Dan leads on SSAT’s leadership programmes and has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering professional development for all career stages. Before joining SSAT in 2009 he was a senior leader and teacher of French and German. Dan enjoys working with individuals and teams to realise their goals and grow leadership capacity.

Module Information

Module 1: Leading yourself

Date: Wednesday 10 November 2021

Before you are able to lead and manage others, you need to know and manage yourself effectively. This means developing emotional intelligence; understanding your own personality and seeking to understand others, considering how you communicate and how you are perceived by others.

Aims for the session

  • To consider the importance of emotional intelligence for self-leadership and leadership of others
  • To reflect on your own personality and consider how this impacts on both your own leadership and those you lead
  • To understand and recognise different personality traits
  • To explore a range of communication styles and consider the implications for leadership
  • To reflect on the impact your behaviours and actions have on others and how you are perceived.

Module 2: Leading vision and culture

Date: Wednesday 24 November 2021

This module explores the importance of establishing a clear vision and developing a culture to support learning. The session helps delegates to understand the fusion between vision and culture and the successful team behind its delivery.

Aims for the session

  • To explore, formulate and communicate a clear vision
  • To articulate a personal vision and consider its impact upon the individual, the team and the school
  • To create the right culture and embed it across the school
  • To explore the key elements of building an effective team and their roles in leading a vision and culture.

Module 3: Leading a team

Date: Wednesday 8 December 2021

This module explores the important qualities of building successful and effective teams. The session will also focus on the core principles of developing and delivering a successful whole-school project that will benefit the school community.

Aims for the session

To develop your personal and professional readiness for senior leadership through:

  • To explore the key elements of building an effective team
  • To reflect upon the roles of effective leaders of teams
  • To construct and deliver a successful project management plan.

Module 4: Leading and influencing others

Date: Wednesday 12 January 2022

Teachers in the early stages of their careers are often given departmental projects and whole-school initiatives to lead on, where they have no formal authority and therefore need to access a wide range of interpersonal skills and influencing styles to achieve success.

Leaders for the Future modules will tend to regularly have ideas for improving your school which you want to implement but struggle to get the buy-in of more senior colleagues.

Aims for the session

  • To enable participants to take a rational and analytical approach to understanding the needs and agendas of those around them
  • To help them to be strategic in influencing a range of different stakeholders.

Module 5: Leading effective meetings

Date: Wednesday 26 January 2022

This session explores the key elements of leading with parents and partners and how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of working together with parents and partners in delivering successful outcomes for children and young people. Furthermore, it aims to explore the key elements of effective relationships with parents and parental engagement in general.

Aims for the session

  • How to create effective meetings that are purposeful and engaging
  • How to develop strategies that manage conflicting views and help to reach agreement

Module 6: Leading through coaching and mentoring

Date: Wednesday 9 February 2022

This session explores the different approaches that should be considered when supporting a colleague or leading a team. The session helps delegates to understand when best to use these approaches, strategies to implement and identify the potential risks.

Aims for the session

  • To identify coaching, collaborative and mentoring techniques, applying them to workplace situations as appropriate
  • To know and be able to select appropriately from a range of strategies on how to support and collaborate with colleagues
  • To apply effective communication skills when working with colleagues to achieve a goal.

Module 7: Leading teaching and learning

Date: Wednesday 2 March 2022

This module explores the core principles of curriculum design and the impact of great teaching and assessment on a successful school community. The session will help delegates to understand the importance of delivering a curriculum and learning experience that benefits learners.

Aims for the session

  • To develop a firm understanding of the principles underpinning assessment and evidence-based pedagogy
  • To understand strategies to improve progress for all pupils using the EEF Toolkit
  • To develop an understanding of the principles underpinning curriculum design.

Module 8: Leading with parents and partners

Date: Wednesday 16 March 2022

This module explores the importance of understanding the community that a school serves and how to develop effective partnerships with key stakeholders including parents.

Aims for the session

  • To develop an understanding of what the school community is and why it is important to engage with all stakeholders across it
  • To consider how removing barriers to stakeholder engagement can improve student outcomes, achievement and experiences
  • To explore how working with others can improve pupil progress and pupil outcomes – eg other schools and academies, organisations, agencies.

Module 9: Leading for accountability

Date: Wednesday 30 March 2022

This module explores the important issues around accountability in schools and academies and how these measures can be managed effectively to support the balance between improving performance and the quality of learning.

Aims for the session

  • To understand the different accountability pressures facing schools and academies
  • To reflect upon the need for accountability measures
  • To consider the impact of data and other measures used upon standards and workload
  • To explore different approaches to managing the accountabilities from within and outside of schools.

Module 10: Leading for the long term

Date: Wednesday 27 April 2022

Teaching requires both long-term and short-term strategies to ensure that teachers stay motivated, healthy and on top of their responsibilities. This module aims to help to think about how they can be effective now and how they can ensure they make the best personal choices about how they want to develop in the future.

Aims for the session

  • To become more efficient with their time
  • To understand stress
  • To be able to consider different career paths.

Celebration event and sharing learning

Date: Wednesday 11 May 2022

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