SSAT Middle Leadership

Middle leaders are essential to the success of any school. What they do varies across a broad range of responsibilities between school types, phases and contexts – pastoral and academic, departmental and whole-school. We embrace this diversity and complexity and we’re committed to supporting all schools with a range of middle leadership training options. SSAT is proud to have been accredited as a National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML) provider by the DfE*.

Find out more about NPQML, including module descriptions, assessment and guided learning hours

We offer two training models for middle leaders:

Tailored SSAT Middle Leadership training delivered in your school by expert facilitators

This is suitable for groups of middle leaders who have specified areas of development that need to be addressed quickly. Choose from 11 middle leadership modules, all designed to support middle leaders to develop their practice and include immediately applicable strategies for improvement:

  • Vision, values and the moral purpose
  • Data analysis for performance and progress
  • Leading strategic improvement
  • Evidence-based teaching and learning
  • Developing your leadership approach
  • Leading and managing innovation and change
  • Managing resources and risks
  • Building a high-performance team
  • Support and challenge – holding yourself and others to account
  • Developing yourself and others
  • Collaboration, partnership and communication

Find out more about SSAT Middle Leadership modules

Deliver the SSAT NPQML as one of our franchise partners*

By becoming one of our franchise holders you have the flexibility to deliver the DfE accredited NPQML to some or all of your middle leaders. You can also choose to deliver a smaller number of modules to meet the specific needs of your school, trust or alliance. Either way, you will have the tools and resources to offer middle leadership training and generate income at the same time. This is ideal for alliances, multi-academy trusts and schools who lead on CPD in their area.

Find out more about becoming a licensed delivery partner for NPQML

Interested in receiving NPQML training from one of our licensed delivery partners?

Find a NPQML franchise holder near you

*SSAT are working towards accreditation by the Department for Education to deliver the NPQML, and subject to contract will be accredited for training to take place in the current academic year.


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