Multi-Academy Trust Improvement Programme

Enhancing strategic systems and providing support frameworks across your trust

Through this coherent development strategy for all the academies in your trust, SSAT will work with you on your journey to provide exceptional education for all.

The programme is founded on SSAT’s Framework for Exceptional Education, whose essential improvement principles are leadership, teaching and learning and curriculum.

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Principles of the programme

Outcomes across your students, teachers and academies

Students Teachers and Leaders Academies
Increased student outcomes Improved reflection A common language for learning and leadership
Improved learning and behaviour Clearer progression routes Increased cross curricular and inter-MAT collaboration
More curiosity and confidence with autonomous learning Highly effective ongoing CPD Development of a holistic teaching and learning model
Transferrable skills across subject areas and curriculum Recognition and celebration of achievement Improved knowledge transfer and best-practice sharing
Increased student leadership Increased motivation and retention Increased cohesion


How the programme works

The academies in your trust will work together in communities of collaborative development to raise standards for all students who deserve nothing less than the best.
Core activities:

The programme consist of four stages, including optional additional elements to ensure that you get all the support that you need.

SSAT can also provide intensive support beyond the core offer at individual academy level.


Stage 1: Executive Strategic Insight – Audit and Benchmarking

  • Bespoke data analysis: Presents the key performance indicators and latest Ofsted judgements for each of your academies highlighted on a single profile so that headline areas of success and concern are easily pinpointed. Including a RAG-rated data dashboard and position of any individual academy compared with all others nationally but also with all others in your group of academies.
  • A face-to-face meeting with CEO and executive team to present initial findings from the data dashboard, gathering further information about all academies in the group, their history, SEFs and priority areas. Strengths and weaknesses of each academy will be identified to help make support context specific.
  • A review of each academy’s current self-evaluation including a preparatory discussion with the Principal and a one-day in-house review of leadership and management, teaching and learning, behaviour and outcomes followed by a written report outlining strengths and areas for development.
  • The findings will be reported back to the executive team and Principals with identified areas for development.
  • Regular policy updates will be provided through the network and online Principals and senior leaders networks.


Stage 2: Leadership Launch

SSAT will build on data analysis and academy-level reviews to provide a one-day launch event with Principals and SLT. The MAT data analysis resource and the academy-level information will be used to ensure a shared understanding of key accountability issues and inform the identification of areas of strength that can be shared with other academies in the MAT, and areas for development both across the MAT and in individual academies to be addressed by appropriate support. Leaders will develop their understanding of their role focusing on:

• Connecting the vision and values

• Effective self-evaluation for sustained improvement

• Leading a consistent pedagogical approach

• Leading curriculum and assessment

• Talent spotting and next steps

The format of the day will be adjusted to suit the needs of your group of academies, introducing proven strategies and frameworks for self-support. Elements include:

Accountability: understanding and exploring the MAT data dashboard, and findings from the academy reviews.

Self-evaluation: Moving from descriptive to evaluative – what makes effective self-evaluation? Reviewing your own SEF. Strengths and areas for development.

Exceptional education framework: a tool to use with all staff as a formative pathway and to provide direction.

Shared vision for teaching and learning: across the group and in individual academies.

Lesson observation: through the SSAT guide to effective observation of teaching learning, including four secondary lesson videos and commentaries.

Curriculum and Assessment: with an SSAT toolkit used strategically to develop staff expertise and practice and to support curriculum and assessment design.

Developing people: Increasing your professional capital through effective professional development, providing structures and consistency of approach leading to sustainability and scalability.

Embedding formative assessment: through teacher learner communities, developing Lead Practitioners as leaders of learning.

Sustainability and scalability: The foundations and next steps.


Stage 3: Capacity Building Programmes for Teachers and Learners

Concurent sections covering three key areas:

Teaching and Learning
TEEP Level 1
A five-day programme to develop teaching and learning with SSAT’s proven Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme methodology. Through training a range of teachers across different academies and subjects across your group, you will grow pedagogical capacity and develop teaching and learning expertise to lead on developing your whole staff. You’ll also have membership of the national TEEP associate network and access to a wealth of TEEP online resources

Curriculum and Assessment and Subject Progression
Lead Practitioner Accreditation 

SSAT’s high-status, rigorous national professional accreditation, based on your strengths and needs. The training and online accreditation will:

• Be based on your strengths and needs

• Develop classroom practice through research

• Recognise, celebrate and showcase your expertise

• Evidence the impact on students

• Embed a structure to support leading across your MAT

Strategic Leadership
Middle Leadership Training 

A three-day programme across your MAT leading to the National Award for Middle Leadership, which will develop consistency of management across the engine rooms of your academies. The programme consists of six two-hour modules:

• Developing your leadership approach

• Building a high-performing team

• Leading your team day-to-day

• Using data for impact

• Leading and managing innovation and change

• Supporting your team

Stage 4: Reflection, Recognition and Collaboration

SSAT will work with you and your academies to design a Celebration and Knowledge Sharing event which will include:

• Presentation of National Award for Middle Leaders and Lead Practitioner Certificates

• Reflection from each academy about their journey towards world class, presenting how they have progressed and lessons learned

• Breakout workshops for Lead Practitioners and Middle Leaders to share their impact case studies with teachers from across the academy

• Certificates, templates for presentations, guidance and advice for logistics as well as sharing SSAT reflections on the group’s development


To discuss how we can help your MAT, call us on 020 7802 2300 or ask us to contact you.