Professional development modules from SSAT

Design the PD training schedule that best suits your needs

We know you have limited opportunities to deliver training to your staff, so you need to get the most out of your PD days and twilight sessions.

With SSAT’s flexible training modules you can ensure your training is not only of the highest quality and backed up by rigorous research, but is also built by you in line with your needs and priorities.

Covering the key areas of Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Curriculum, you can choose from a range of 27 modules to build a series of twilight sessions or PD days that cover exactly the areas you need to address, allowing a more cost efficient programme for your school.

Each module takes two hours to complete and is delivered by an experienced SSAT trainer with extensive in-school teaching and learning experience. You’ll also get a range of supporting resources and post-training tasks and activities to ensure you can embed the learning in practice.

It was a change to focus on and remind myself about what is important in the classroom day-to-day

It got me thinking about how I want to teach rather than how I have time to

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Teaching and Learning

Based on the methodology of SSAT’s Enhancing Teaching Programme (ETP), our teaching and learning modules are inspiring, engaging and impactful.

Centred around the core themes of collaboration, growth mindset and the importance of changing habits, the modules provide evidence-informed training and resources to inspire excellence in teaching and learning.

ETP modules

Middle and developing leaders

Effective middle leaders are essential in translating your school’s vision into practice, implementing school improvement on the ground.

Our training is tailored towards developing your existing middle leaders into a high-performing team through SSAT Middle Leadership modules, and nurturing teachers with leadership potential in the early stages of their career with Leaders for the future (L4F) modules.

Middle leadership modules
Leaders for the future modules


Academisation is set to increase schools’ freedom from the national curriculum, making curriculum design a priority for teachers.

Focussed on the importance of curriculum design, these modules highlight curriculum research in practice and give teachers and senior leaders ideas to put into action, along with an introduction to Deep Learning, Deep Experience, Deep Support and Deep Leadership.

Curriculum modules

The cost of PD module training is dependent on the number of modules you need and how you choose to have these delivered. Please register your interest using the button below or get in touch with us by email to discuss options and for a quotation.

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