Curriculum modules

Our curriculum modules are aimed at forward thinking school leaders who wish to ensure that their curriculum fully meets the needs of all their pupils. The growing move towards academisation will allow schools to develop a bespoke curriculum for their pupils which develops the knowledge, skills and competences to succeed in a post-industrial, globalised world. The introduction of the EBacc and new GCSE examinations will necessitate a new curriculum and new approaches to teaching and learning – this programme will support schools in their approach to curriculum design through use of research and best practise.

Central to these modules is the belief in a personalised and principled curriculum design reflecting the work of Dylan Wiliam and David Hargreaves. We will explore 3 Deeps necessary for effective personalisation of the curriculum: Deep Experience, Deep Learning and Deep Support and illustrate best practice from our extensive school membership.

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Course Modules

  1. Developing a principled curriculum
  2. Planning for Deep Experiences
  3. Planning for Deep Learning in your Curriculum
  4. Ensuring your Curriculum is Suitable for All
  5. Building Deep Support for your Learners

Developing a Principled Curriculum

Delegates will get the opportunity to reflect on what should be included in a modern curriculum and one that is fit for purpose.

We will look at Dylan Wiliam’s features of a principled curriculum and Robinson’s Paradigm shift before reflecting upon how schools have reacted to these models through sharing cases studies from the SSAT network.

Schools will take away a values driven SWOT analysis of potential curriculum development

Planning for Deep Experiences

Learn about the four Deeps – an approach to principled curriculum building.

Focus upon what is meant by Deep Experiences and how these encourage pupils to become fully engaged with learning. We will share how some schools in our network have embedded Deep Experiences.

Reflect upon your current curriculum offer and explore ways of providing Deep Experiences for your pupils

Planning for Deep Learning in your Curriculum

The need for transferable skills and the ability to adapt, acquire and retain new knowledge has never before been so important. This is especially so given the move to terminal exams.

This module will share principles supporting personalised learning and give you the opportunity to look at how some schools have responded.

Delegates will consider the latest thinking about Deep Learning and the implications for the curriculum, teaching approaches and digital resources.

Ensuring Your Curriculum is Suitable for All

In the light of new qualifications and summative assessments, working out how to deliver your curriculum has never been more challenging.

Discuss approaches developed by other schools in their attempt to prepare students for terminal examinations, build in stretch and challenge for all pupils and support pupils with SEND.

Building Deep Support for Your Learners

If students are to engage in deeper learning, they will need new forms of enriched support. Such deep support will be more personalised than in the past and go beyond what is conventionally placed in pastoral systems.

Gain a clear picture of what Deep Support is and how other schools have approached it to support your pupils’ learning.

More Information

SSAT professional development modules are designed to the highest quality and backed up by rigorous research. We know schools have limited opportunities to deliver training to staff so it is important for PD days and twilight sessions to have maximum impact with minimal travel or cover costs and no disruption to learning. You can select and combine the modules which are best suited to your needs and priorities and ensure you are providing the professional development your staff need.

Each module begins with a two hour training session delivered by an experienced SSAT trainer who will come to you. Also included with each module is a range of supporting resources and post-training tasks and activities which will support you in applying the training to the context of your school, ensuring you are able to go on to embed the learning into your everyday practice

Modules can be delivered to cohorts of up to 25 teachers.

The cost of this bespoke training is dependent on the number of modules you book and how you choose to have these delivered. We recognise schools have unique needs so we encourage you to have a look at the full suite of 27 modules we have on offer covering the key areas of Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Curriculum to build a series of twilight sessions or PD days that cover exactly the areas you need to address, allowing a more efficient programme for your school.

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