Global Learning Programme – Wales

The Global Learning Programme – Wales (GLP-W) is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference in the teaching, learning and experience of global citizenship. Over three years starting in 2014, the GLP-W will create a national network of schools committed to:

  • equipping their pupils with the knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to a globalised world; and
  • helping teachers to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3.

The GLP–W aims to reach approximately 50% of all schools in Wales by July 2017.

The Global Learning Programme Wales supports:

Children and young people to

  • explore global issues and develop the knowledge and skills to come to their own conclusions about global poverty, its causes and possible solutions
  • develop their literacy and numeracy skills in a real-world context through the study of global learning themes.

Teachers to

  • develop evidence-based approaches and insights in a supportive peer-to-peer environment
  • integrate global learning into their teaching across a range of subjects, improving outcomes for pupils
  • work toward and gain the nationally-recognised GLP Lead Practitioner Accreditation
  • access high quality resources.

School senior management teams to

  • promote the benefits of global learning and support its integration across the curriculum through classroom teaching, whole school initiatives, and key national priorities
  • enhance school partnerships locally and internationally.

GLP-W in practice
GLP Wales will identify twenty-eight Lead Schools (primary, secondary and special) that have highly-effective practice in global learning who can act as leads in their area, building networks of schools to share and develop good practice across Wales.

Typically these schools will have existing expertise in global citizenship as identified by Estyn and, crucially, the capacity to support local networks. Lead Schools will act as local ‘hubs’ for establishing greater and improved practice in global learning within their networks of local schools. Joining the programme for a three year period, they will:

  • receive funding and support  to engage, recruit and develop network schools locally
  • lead the development of global learning in their own schools and support their networks to do the same
  • provide a forum for sharing ideas and resources within their networks.

GLP-W case studies

Alun School Network
Esgob Morgan Network
Millbrook Primary Network
Ysgol Griffith Jones Network

The Global Learning Programme  – Wales is funded by the UK government. It is managed by a consortium of leading global learning and educational organisations: CfBT (lead), Geographical Association, SSAT and Think Global. The programme runs from 2014–2017.
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Find out more, visit the Global Learning Programme Wales website.

Contact the GLP-W team on 02920 505019 or email