Leading Space Case Studies

leading_space013Alexandra Park School
Developing Space across the curriculum: Organising a year 9 space themed week across the whole school where all staff and student are engaged and supported in relaxing their curriculum through a teacher training day.

Ashton Community Science College
Building Educational Partnerships through Space Education: working with a local university to develop rocketry competitions and astronomy activities for a network of secondary schools.

Danum School Technology College
Engaging students through DART (Danum Aeronautics and Rocketry Team)- Developing an interest in space in our school and three partner secondary schools.

Hadley Learning Community
Developing a space themed curriculum A topic of ‘Earth and Beyond’ was developed across the school the curriculum with supporting enrichment activities.

Hawkley Hall High School
Engaging with the community and beyond using space education for the 21st Century Through space, we aimed to increase the use of new technologies in particular the use of ICT within the classroom.

High Tunstall College of Science
Revitalising specialism through space education: Using space to ensure specialism makes an impact.

The Holy Cross School
Engaging with the wider community through space education- through Cross curricular initiatives such as Science Through Arts’ (STAR) project.

Kennet School
Developing space as a cross curricular theme and a context to engage the wider community.

Norham Community Technology College
Developing student space ambassadors and engaging with HEI, schools and the wider community.

Reepham High School and College
Engaging partner schools through an inter school Rocket competition- including tips guidance and resources to get started.

Reepham High School
Engaging with the wider community through space education. How to plan a space event for 300 adults and learners and evaluate it.

The Robert Smyth School
Engaging Primary learners and their teachers through an extended outreach programme.

Sackville School
Using Space Engineering to Motivate and Enthuse. By engaging students in a variety of projects, we have raised the profile of STEM in the school and wider community.

Sacred Heart RC Comprehensive School
Mission To Mars : Year 6 Travel 100,000,000 km from the comfort of the classroom. Running a two day event for 10 feeder primary schools.

Shoeburyness High School
Space as a context for the science curriculum : ‘Reach for the Stars: Re designing the year 8 science curriculum with space themes and links.

Shoeburyness High School
Engaging partner schools through space activities – space days for over 200 students.

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys
Students experiencing the excitement of research in space- partnering with HEI including CERN.

St Johns School
Inspiring learners through space activities: developing a programme of outreach activities and CPD training for other schools on site and away.

St John’s School and Community College
Organising an astronomy conference for partner schools.

St Michael’s Catholic and Church of England High School
Students celebrating 40 years since the Moon Landing and International Year of Astronomy and sharing with the whole school.

St Peter’s Catholic School and Specialist Science College
Engaging Partner Primary Schools using Space as a vehicle. Ideas for teacher outreach and competitions.

Stewards School
A year in the life of a space school.

Tewkesbury School
“Launching” space initiatives in partnership schools with the use of rockets The activity is to engage students from a number of primary and secondary partnership schools to take part in a rocket competition.

The Sholing Technology College
‘Reaching for Space’ Mini space education project for primary feeder schools. A design and technology year 5-6 project.

Further case studies from the fourth year of the LSEP are now available to download from the National STEM Centre eLibrary.

The National STEM Centre holds the UK’s largest collection of teaching resources for STEM subjects for use with students from early years to post-16. The library holds an archive of curriculum development from major contributors, including the Nuffield Foundation, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, and Wellcome Trust. Alongside this the contemporary collections represent all major publishers, and include textbooks, teaching schemes, multimedia software, and interactive resources.

With over 6,000 individual teaching resources, the eLibrary includes contemporary print, multimedia, and practical resources, alongside an archive collection that showcases several decades of curriculum development. From quizzes to fact-sheets to lesson plans to videos and flash animations, the eLibrary is a great place to get inspiration for your STEM teaching.

For inspiring resources and help in using the context of space to enrich the teaching and learning of the STEM and other subjects please also visit  the ESERO-UK website  at www.esero.org.uk