The Lead Practitioner accreditation and TEEP

The SSAT Lead Practitioner accreditation recognises the work of those who not only demonstrate outstanding expertise in their field but also lead colleagues to improve their practice, leading to positive impact on student learning.

When carried out as an integral part of your TEEP whole-school training it gives your staff and school a structure and opportunity to truly embed the underpinning TEEP principles across the school. Creating communities of TEEP learners facilitated by aspirant lead practitioners engaging in their own action research and then taking it to that next stage of leading others. TEEP acts as a vehicle to give all staff the opportunity to achieve outstanding expertise in their field and then provides the ability to develop and share this with others.

The LP accreditation programme is run by many schools as part of a whole-school improvement programme – with cohorts of staff working together towards their accreditation across the year. These cohorts are supported by a lead based in school and through induction and support sessions delivered by the SSAT Lead Practitioner team.

A perfect synergy
The Lead Practitioner accreditation requires evidence to demonstrate the skills and attributes needed to lead practice with other colleagues – these being: PersonalProfessional knowledge and Process and impact on others.

Additionally, the LP accreditation provides access to our global LP community and opportunities to share good practice with other outstanding practitioners regionally, nationally and internationally, as well as be involved in supporting other schools through the lead practitioner programme. Many TEEP trainers are also accredited lead practitioners.

Benefits for the individual

  • professional accreditation that evidences the impact of their work with colleagues in school, as a result of TEEP level 2 training
  • the opportunity to combine TEEP training and the LP accreditation to gain credits towards a Nottingham University Masters programme
  • membership to SSAT LP network and opportunities to engage with current regional, national and international developments
  • access to global LP community with opportunities to engage with world-class leaders in education, access to resources and new ideas to develop practice
  • celebrates, rewards and motivates those outstanding practitioners who inspire others to achieve excellence

Benefits for the school

  • provides a structure and vehicle to drive aspects of TEEP forward across your school through action research
  • builds in to your TEEP whole school training and in-house professional development plan
  • an additional award for your school’s leading practitioners
  • access to a wide range of resources, research and case studies that can be drawn on and shared to improve and develop practice
  • a professional development tool to identify and set professional development targets
  • it can be used to develop a range of resources to be used in future CPD

The Lead Practitioner/TEEP 2 will be the group that spreads the message of outstanding practice. They will be sharing the ideas, observing and feeding back to develop that outstanding practice in all avenues.

To find out more, visit the TEEP area.