TEEP Open Course

Evolution of the Programme: TEEP Open Course delivered online

Inevitably, with the advent of digital technologies, SSAT have identified an opportunity to re-purpose the wealth of evidence informed content in the TEEP training programme and the expertise of its cadre of TEEP trainers to provide an alternative to the regular model of whole school training which requires 3 full days of on-site training at Level 1.

The TEEP open course is level 1 TEEP training re-imagined for a digital world. Utilising robust technology and a pedagogically sound approach to remote learning, SSAT have produced an online training programme for Level 1 TEEP certification.

Fully facilitated by expert TEEP trainers, the TEEP Online course offers a wealth of activity and resource to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to engage with stimulating content, take the time to reflect, discuss and shape their thinking, translating TEEP principles their own context.

What to expect

Participants in the TEEP open course will experience a range of activities as shown below:

  • Information pages: packed with the latest research and evidence of what works, all grounded within the TEEP framework for ease of access.
  • Discussion Forums: An opportunity to interact with colleagues within and beyond your school, facilitated by TEEP experts.
  • Resource library: accessible beyond the course timeline, consisting of documents, templates and TEEP community resources for use in the classroom.
  • Feedback: Regular opportunities to feedback and feedforward ensuring TEEP training enhances practice – not a bolt on!
  • Assignment: enabling self and peer assessment of progress in teaching and learning expertise.
  • My Portfolio: A Learning journal and portfolio powered by Mahara, allowing reflective thinking and portfolio development.

The programme

The Level 1 course is a 6-week programme of online study, with application to your practice throughout.

The 6-week online programme consists of 3 x two week Learning Blocks.

  • Block 1: Building a community of learners, Introducing the TEEP framework and cycle, lesson planning with TEEP.
  • Block 2: How we learn, the underpinning elements and experts’ challenge, Revisit/Review/Refine lesson planning.
  • Block 3: Effective Teacher Behaviours, Effective Learner Behaviours.

Each Block starts with an introductory live session and ends with an online review, and requires around 6-8 hours in engaging with the professional learning, reflecting on the learning and applying it to practice.

As with any high quality CPD, the application to practice is key, where we would expect to see refinements or tweaks to practice that make teaching and learning more effective. This is not wholesale change for the vast majority of teachers, as TEEP invariably validates much of their existing practice, rather this is about those small changes, new approaches and refinements to existing practice that can have a significant impact on the learners.

Throughout the course teachers are encouraged to record journal entries which will form part of a TEEP portfolio. With any professional learning, the development of a portfolio is an incredibly useful tool to record reflections, new learning, resources and of course impact working practices.

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11 January 2021
Block 1:
11 January 2021 – 22 January 2021
Block 2:
25 January 2021 – 5 February 2021
Block 3:
22 February 2021 – 5 March 2021


SSAT members: £350
Non-members: £420
Prices exclusive of VAT.

Discounts are available for groups of ten or more. Enquire for info