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The Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) draws on significant research that has identified what is required of teachers and of learners, in order for them to gain the best learning outcomes possible. TEEP is a proven, well regarded and successful model. Over 250 schools and 6000 teachers have engaged with TEEP through SSAT.

The model is made up of three significant components – each with important elements that are inextricably connected yet need to be recognised individually for their contribution to the teaching and learning process.

  1. Effective teacher behaviours and effective Learner behaviours (outer circle)
  2. The 5 underpinning elements of  effective practice (middle circle)
  3. The TEEP learning cycle (inner circle)

The training is crafted to pull together these three areas in a practical, interactive way. Each activity models the model and the debriefing ensures a deeper level of understanding of effective teacher and learner behaviours. A mind-shift from what you are going to teach, to what the children are going to learn. Activities such as the Tower of Power, world café and expert challenge places the teachers in the position of learners in a non-threatening, inspiring but always challenging environment.


Participants will leave after the first part of the training eager to try new ideas that will then be debriefed and reviewed in the next part of the training (usually two months after part a) and take TEEP to the next level.

Level 2 TEEP trains key members of staff to coach others within school to take TEEP forward through TEEP-focused observations and effective feedback. The framework is designed so you can incorporate what you already do on order to develop a common language of learning across the school. TEEP is suitable for primary teachers at all stages of their career and for schools and academies at all levels, enhancing classroom practice from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘outstanding’.

Find out more about the TEEP pedagogical model here.

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Case studies and testimonials

Story Wood School and Children’s Centre, Birmingham
Story Wood School and Children’s Centre in Birmingham aims to provide an excellent education for all their children, so every child can reach their potential. Story Wood was looking for a cohesive and consistent school wide approach to teaching and learning, which would help them move on from being satisfactory to good. Now having heard those magic words from the Ofsted inspector ‘this school is outstanding’ they are convinced that their whole school approach with TEEP, helped them get there. Read more here. 

Hilton Primary Academy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Hilton Primary Academy, is a school with 400 children in the North East. They believe in giving their children fantastic learning experiences through a diverse, rich and creative curriculum. Their aspirations towards continuing improvement, led them to find out more about SSAT’s Teaching and Learning Programme the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP). Read more here.
Find out more about the impact of TEEP here, including more case studies from primary and secondary schools. 

‘It underpins what outstanding teaching and learning is – putting the child at the centre of everything we do’ Headteacher, Astbury St Mary’s Primary School

‘Embrace it, it will make your learning atmosphere more enjoyable and accessible for the children. It will also enable you to become a more creative practitioner’
Year 2 teacher, St Benedict’s Primary School