What is TEEP?

Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement ProgrammeOver 450 schools and 14,500 teachers have engaged with TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) through SSAT since September 2010. It offers teachers excellent ways to be effective and to promote pupil learning. It is a CPD programme which is unique in that it ‘models the model’ – putting research on effective teaching for effective learning into practice. It supports teacher planning, motivates students and re-energises classroom activity.

‘I have always been passionate about the impact of TEEP. The whole school model we have experienced has been transformational’
Tony Billings, Headteacher All Hallows Catholic College

TEEP is suitable for teachers at all stages of their career and for schools/academies/colleges at all levels, enhancing good classroom practice in schools from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘outstanding’. Training is available for individuals to attend along with other practitioners from across the country, or for the staff (or a cohort of staff) from a school together.

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Independent evaluations have been carried out by Warwick University, York University and the London Institute of Education all of which indicate that the programme is indeed very effective.

The TEEP model of training is built around the following underpinning elements:

  • effective learner behaviours
  • effective teacher behaviours
  • assessment for learning
  • effective use of ICT
  • thinking for learning
  • accelerated learning
  • collaborative learning
  • the TEEP learning cycle.

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Find out more about the recent success of TEEP in primary schools.

TEEP and Ofsted

SSAT has reviewed the latest Ofsted guidance and made explicit links to the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP).The TEEP framework makes sense of fragmented initiatives and translates the very best of evidence-based research into classroom practice through its unique training programme. Modelling the skills and attributes of effective learning we would want in the classroom, the training unpacks the learning experiences through activities and by explicitly providing strategies that enable teachers to engage, challenge, motivate, and develop growth mindsets. There is a greater emphasis on the ‘how’ and ‘why’, not just the ‘what’ of learning and pupils developing a deeper understanding as their knowledge becomes more secure. Read the full review here.

The History of TEEP

TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) was funded as an action research project by the Gatsby Charitable foundation in 2002 with an aim to ‘improve the effectiveness of teachers by training them in a model of effective teaching and learning.’ It began by building on the work of the Maths enhancement Project Primary which aimed to improve attainment in mathematics by training teachers to be more effective at whole class interactive teaching. The aim of TEEP was to use the findings to develop a programme that would, through quality CPD, make teachers more effective. The project has been through a number of phases, which included independent evaluations, to develop into a sustainable CPD programme available to schools. Further information on the history of the programme is available here.

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