Whole school training

The TEEP whole school training programme provides a sustained and in-depth focus on teaching and learning that is completely aligned with a focus on pupil achievement and the quality of teaching and learning in the Ofsted framework. It is suitable for any school wanting to improve their teaching and learning, whatever the starting point.

TEEP whole school training is for all teaching staff at an individual school – comprised of five days across year, split into two levels:

Level 1: (three days for all teaching staff including SLT).

  • Days one and two are an immersion into the TEEP model, focusing on understanding the underpinning elements and developing personal understanding of teaching and learning.
  • Day three is approximately six weeks later (leaving time to implement learning in the classroom) and focuses on effective teacher and learner behaviours.

Level 2: (Two days for a core group of staff)
Embedding TEEP the in school, focusing on coaching, mentoring and effective feedback to improve the quality of teaching and learning. It is a holistic model, where the training is experiential, challenging and enjoyable.

The training is designed for teachers and is not suitable for all support staff but there is a one day accompanying training course for support staff to provide them with the understanding, knowledge and skills to support teachers to embed TEEP in the classroom.

For smaller schools, such as Primary or SEN, schools may book the Level 1 element initially for all their staff and then send two or three individuals to an open Level 2 course with colleagues from other schools. Small schools may also benefit from joining with a partner school for training – this is a popular and cost-effective option as each trainer can take groups of up to twenty-five staff.

Key benefits to the whole school approach:

  • A holistic teaching and learning model to help drive forward whole school improvement
  • Develops insight into school structures, systems and strategies for leading change and the characteristics of successful innovative practice
  • Improves the quality of teaching and learning across the whole school
  • Provides a common understanding and shared vocabulary for effective teaching and learning
  • Increases cross-curricular collaboration and sharing of best practice
  • Whole school costs are dependent on the total number of teaching staff and the delivery model.

TEEP is already proving to be incredibly successful in many schools – find out more in our TEEP case studies area.

The Costs

The costs of a whole school course are linked to the size of your teaching staff and so quotes are provided on an individual school basis. Whole school training can cost from as little as the equivalent of £200 per teacher for the 3 or 5 days of training.

For further information on Whole School training and all other TEEP courses, please use the below form or call 020 7802 0955.

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