SSAT Teaching and Learning Improvement Programme (TLIP)

The support you need to rapidly improve practice in your classrooms

If you have an immediate need to improve the quality of teaching and learning across your secondary school, the SSAT Teaching and Learning Improvement Programme can help you and your staff build the foundations, develop the structure and provide the inspiration required to achieve your goal.

Timed flexibly enough to suit your school’s needs but ideally phased over the course of approximately one term, SSAT will work with you through this intensive programme to identify current strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and determine the teaching and learning priorities you will need to focus on to secure the outcomes you want for your children.

SSAT’s practical approach means we will create opportunities to practice and adapt appropriate strategies and resources which put you on the pathway to rapidly securing consistently good practice across your school. TLIP will help develop your teachers into more energised, motivated, confident practitioners who can be more effective in engaging and achieving positive outcomes for your students.

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What stages does the programme take you and your team through?

Stage 1

Information sharing and strategic review – to understand your school’s current practice and its impact

Stage 2

Review to action – to clarify a vision for teaching and learning at your school and begin to shape a plan for your team to make it a reality

Stage 3

Commitment to improve – to inspire your staff, establish priorities, gain commitment, engage in collaborative planning and agree next steps

Stage 4

Driving improvement – to focus everyone’s attention on priorities, practice and embed agreed strategies

Stage 5

Pathways  – to construct and deliver an action plan to continue improvement and support key staff

Stage 6

Review – to observe and share developing practice and evaluate progress

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