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SSAT Primary Webinar – Doorstep disadvantage

Online / Thursday 6 October 2022

Doorstep disadvantage: understanding poverty in your local school community and how to tackle it

Louise Stogdale, Head of Pennyman Primary Academy and Sean Harris, Trust Improvement Lead

‘a commitment to protecting children from poverty is… more than a slogan or a routine inclusion in a political manifesto; it is the hallmark of a civilised society’
UNICEF (2012) (p4)

Poverty is arguably the most complex issue that face schools.

On 6th October SSAT will be co-hosting a webinar for educators and system-leaders on the topic of poverty and socioeconomic disadvantage.

This seminar will examine the persistent problem of disadvantage in schools. It will be an interactive session and will examine some of the known barriers to learning that are presented by disadvantage.

Louise Stogdale (Headteacher, Pennyman Primary Academy) and Sean Harris (Doctoral researcher and Trust Improvement Leader) will consider how to better read local ‘doorstep disadvantage’ and how to overcome some of the key barriers that are presented by it. Sean and Louise promise that the session will not just focus on the harsher realities of poverty, but also the optimistic ways in which we can tackle it as system leaders and educators.

Pennyman Primary Academy, part of Tees Valley Education, is proud to be an inclusive place for children to learn. Our motto Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day is the ethos that is embedded throughout the academy.

Questions for system-leaders / educators to consider

  • How is disadvantage defined and monitored in your school(s) / Trust?
  • In what ways does teacher-education / CPD in your school(s) better address disadvantage?
  • To what extent do teachers/senior leaders in your school(s) / Trust engage with current and emerging research on the disadvantage agenda?
  • What are the specific barriers to learning and the school day that exist in your school as a result of the doorstep disadvantage in that community? How do you know?

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Date and time:

Thursday 6 October 2022 4:00pm - 5:00pm