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Student Leadership Briefing

Online / Wednesday 11 May 2022

Join this free webinar to discover how SSAT Pupil and Student Leadership programmes, activities and resources can help you develop and strengthen effective student leadership in your school. The webinars will give you a chance to consider how you can fully support your student leaders to develop and succeed in their roles and acquire skills and qualities that will be valuable whatever responsibility they take on in the future.

Participants from all phases are welcome to join this webinars, especially those leading any aspect of a school’s pupil and student voice/leadership work and pastoral leaders. You will leave the session informed and inspired to take the next steps that benefit your learners.

Why are Student Leadership and Student Voice important?

Effective Student Leadership:

  • Develops individual students skills and experience
  • Supports student engagement
  • Enhances the school ensuring that students are an effective and valued aspect of the school community
  • Encourages students to take responsibility and act as champions of their school
  • Aids cognitive development and independent learning
  • Provides evidence for students for progression into further and Higher Education and Training.

Find out more about SSAT Student Leadership activities and programmes including:

  • Making Student Leadership Effective seminars for student leadership coordinators
  • In-school Student Leadership Training and workshops delivered by SSAT Senior Education Leads
  • How to train your Student Leaders – a complete package of materials and activities that you can use to deliver training to your students
  • SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation
  • Student and Pupil Leadership Audit

The Student Leadership briefing will give an overview of the support available to suit your context, allowing you to identify and implement effective strategies to move your pupil and student leadership strategy forward.

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Date and time:

Wednesday 11 May 2022 4:00pm - 5:00pm