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TEEP Level 3 Trainer Course

Birmingham / Tuesday 17 January 2023

Event Information

The TEEP Trainer course takes place over 3 consecutive days. It is designed to help you develop a deep understanding of the TEEP model, gain the skills, knowledge and attributes of an effective TEEP trainer and gain the facilitation skills to deliver Level 1 training for your school and the TEEP programme itself.

Course aims:

  • Develop the skills and knowledge of an individual who wishes to become a qualified TEEP trainer
  • Provide a deeper exploration of the framework and content of level one, including the activities and the relevance behind them
  • Focus on the strategies and procedures for being a good trainer, including how to debrief effectively, interact and engage a group and how to deal with challenging people

What are the benefits for the individual?

The experience of being a TEEP trainer is a very rewarding and interesting experience, although also challenging and intense. It gives a great opportunity to network with colleagues and share a passion for improving teaching and learning with not just other staff within their own school but in other schools and academies across the country. Trainers are kept up to date with the latest developments in TEEP and research relevant to the programme through trainer updates and meetings.

Unique opportunities often become available to TEEP trainers; over the last couple of years trainers have joined sessions with Dylan Wiliam, presented at national and local conferences, trained 200 teachers from china on a visit to the UK and work in schools in Abu Dhabi to spread TEEP to the Middle East.

What are the benefits for the school?

For a school, having a level 3 trainer(s) within the school enables the training of new staff and also supports the ongoing development of TEEP across the school or academy. It provides an opportunity for a school to be kept up to date on developments in teaching and learning through their trainer and networking opportunities with other like-minded schools.

Once qualified as a trainer, a Level 3 practitioner is able to carry out TEEP training their own school for free, but also join the SSAT TEEP training team, delivering TEEP into schools across the country. The school would receive funding for this release and preparation time.

What is involved

The train the trainer phase (level 3) includes:

  • A three day course into the training methodology (Level 3 course).
  • Interning – when you join an experienced trainer to shadow and support a TEEP training course being
  • Self-study to ensure full understanding of TEEP to be confident to deliver training, including personalising the training PowerPoints with own examples to give real context and integrity to training you will deliver.
  • The cost of this level 3 course covers the 3 days training including catering, all the materials for use when delivering TEEP and access to the trainers area of the website (on successful completion of interning).

    Download TEEP Train the Trainer information

    (I enjoyed) the up-to-date knowledge, professional skills, and practical resources during the training. I can feel a powerful shared language and very effective planning tool provided by TEEP training for my future teaching and training.
    Feedback from a delegate on our latest course in 2022

    Delegates must have completed TEEP Level 1 and Level 2 training before being suitable for Level 3 training.

    If you meet this criteria, you can apply here: TEEP Level 3 application

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Date and time:

Tuesday 17 January 2023 to Thursday 19 January 2023


SSAT members: £995 Non-members: £1495
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TBC Birmingham, United Kingdom