SSAT Primary Network Innovation and Impact Days

SSAT Primary Network Member School Visits

Throughout the year there are opportunities to visit regional primary member schools to see innovation and impact in action. Hosted and led by members of the SSAT Primary Network, this is a great chance to visit, network, learn and share best practice.


If you’re interested in attending one of these visits, please use the Eventbrite link to book your place.

Date School Details Programme
Friday 5 April 2019 Newington Academy in Hull Book via Eventbrite 09.30-14.30

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Newington Academy is a school situated in one of the poorest areas of the country where high levels of unemployment, crime and drug use have formed the backdrop of Hull’s Hessle Road district for many years giving rise to its alternative title of ‘Little Beirut’.

Based around the 4 pillars of Independence, Creativity, Collaboration and Expression; Newington Academy have developed a curriculum to change that context – a curriculum with a difference – one that is based around the concept of making learning memorable and one that looks to deepen learning and skills through a rich and immersive experience.

Join us on Friday 5 April 2019 as we look at the journey we have been on; not just the successes but the mistakes we have made along the way and how we can use our own experiences to develop more effective and rapid approaches to curriculum design. We look to explore what our I.C.C.E curriculum looks like for both children and staff including discussions with Leaders, Learning Walks and opportunities to see I.C.C.E in action!

  • Highly-evolved curricular systems including I.C.C.E and the AET Maths Mastery Flow Model
  • Theme Books with a genuine depth of knowledge and skills
  • High-level Digital Literacy integration
  • Child-led Media Crew
  • ICCE Studio and opportunities to observe truly independent and collaborative learning
  • Immersive and engaging environments with rich and relevant learning areas
  • A whole-school culture of respect and resilience

Date School Details Programme
Tuesday 11 June 2019 Cuddington Croft in Surrey Book via Eventbrite 09.15-14.00

Aims of the day:
To explore how Cuddington Croft:

  • uses the ‘wave’ model to ensure that all children are fully engaged with their learning and that the needs of all pupils are addressed within every lesson
  • has used the experience of the MITA (Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants) project to empower our support staff to be increasingly effective in supporting the learning of our children