SSAT National Conference 2019: Fighting for deep social justice – Expression of Interest

SSAT National Conference 2019: Fighting for deep social justice

  • 4-5 December, ICC Birmingham

    Deep social justice is a commitment to ensuring that all students leave school fully prepared to lead fulfilled and purposeful lives. This is a grand ambition and one that can only be achieved through strong and principled leadership, working in partnership, and with continual review of practice and policy.

    It builds on SSAT’s earlier work on personalising learning and redesigning schooling. Ten years’ ago, Professor David Hargreaves grouped the nine gateways of personalisation into the four deeps: deep learning, deep experience, deep support and deep leadership; a model of school improvement still used by many highly-successful schools and MATs across the country and internationally.

    As such, personalising learning is at the heart of social justice. If we are serious about all young people leaving school ready to have fulfilled and meaningful lives, then we need to ensure that their individual needs are met, in Hargreaves’ term, more fully than ever before.

    We are asking schools to join this movement in 2019, with a pledge to ensure that no child cannot access the curriculum due to surmountable illiteracy; and a survey of best practice and challenges to realise this.

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