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Stand: C7

ASCL provides professional, trade union representation for over 19,000 primary, secondary and college leaders.

Members benefit from a confidential hotline covering school issues and personal employment matters plus our specialist team with expert knowledge on curriculum, inspection, assessment, funding, and more. Membership is open to all SLT members plus colleagues with strategic whole-school responsibilities.

Join ASCL at the conference to take advantage of our offers for new members and you’ll also receive a gift voucher as a thank you for joining. Visit us on Stand C7.


Stand: F6

ASDAN is an education charity and awarding organisation whose programmes and qualifications transform life chances through learning. Our courses are widely recognised by teachers for providing engaging curricula that empower students through personalised learning and choice.

ASDAN continues to develop innovative products that help learners succeed in education and develop personal, social and work-related skills. Our Accelerating Progress courses are designed to help learners secure a grade 4 or 5 in the new, more demanding GCSEs in English and mathematics, while our Lift Off programme enables learners make a successful and confident transition from primary to secondary school.


Stand: A5

BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association, is the only trade association covering the UK educational suppliers sector. It has an 85-year heritage serving the sector and represents over 300 suppliers, including manufacturers and distributors of equipment, materials, books, consumables, furniture, technology, ICT hardware and digital content. BESA is dedicated to showcasing world-leading educational products and services provided by British suppliers, and providing support and advice to its members, the industry, and schools looking for the best resources and services.

BlueSky Education

Stand: F3

The market-leading online tool BlueSky, supports organisations in the education sector with PM, CPD and observations. With members in over 25 countries and 300,000 individual portfolios worldwide, BlueSky’s modules seamlessly integrate to create the definite solution.

Introducing BlueSky is very simple, providing staff with a platform to manage their own development and also enables powerful reporting for senior leaders, reducing workload.

Book a free, no strings attached demonstration or call + 44 (0)1483 880004.

Brackenbury Lobbysign

Stand: C19

Brackenbury’s LobbysignSlim displays can’t fail to catch peoples’ attention in school receptions. The Slim 22 LCD portrait screen draws in parents and visitors to its notices, whilst providing handouts from its integrated paper rack. The Slim 32’s sleek phone-style appearance and bigger screen gives excellent impact to messages and attracts onlookers in an unforgettable way. Both are plug and play – messages from PCs and videos from phones are easily set up, put onto any memory stick and simply plugged into both signs. Also available are the LobbysignSlim 43 and 50 for bigger indoor areas.


Stand: F4

CENTURY, an artificially intelligent learning platform provides a personalised learning journey and real-time analytics for primary and secondary, teachers and students. CENTURY combines AI, data science and cognitive neuroscience to deliver revolutionary education.

CENTURY ‘learns how you learn’, providing a personalised learning path for students. Access to real-time data enables educators to provide timely interventions, providing help when and where it’s needed. Automating tasks like marking frees up valuable time for teachers to focus on teaching!

Derventio Education

Stand: A6

The simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisals in schools. SchooliP serves as a complete solution to empower your staff to embrace school improvement.

Our web-based school improvement tool facilitates strategic planning by integrating:
* School self-evaluation
* School improvement planning
* Staff appraisals
* Professional development


Stand: C9

EDLounge delivers a high-quality virtual learning platform and a whole school management provision that enables live teaching and learning to be delivered to improve students and their standards in core, academic, and vocational subjects and qualifications. EDLounge is proven to improve behaviour, reduce exclusions, raise attendance, break down barriers to learning for a variety of users and enhance standards in a range of educational establishments.

EduKey Education

Stand: D12

Edukey develop innovative software that meets the needs of teachers, students and schools. Class Charts ( combines data rich seating plans and effective behaviour management. It streamlines managing pupil behaviour, saving teachers and SLT hours of time. Includes; homework, detentions, WAR boards and parent/pupil apps. Our Provision Map ( system streamlines the process of managing SEN, saves hours of time, can help secure extra funding plus helps succeed with Ofsted. Includes Learning Plans, Costed Provision Mapping, Reports and parental communication. Additional plug in software available for our Provision Map system includes Safeguard my School and School Robins.


Stand: F14

GCSEPod has developed hugely since its beginnings in 2010 as an independent learning and revision tool. This evolution has been catalysed by the changing pressures facing schools: time-strapped teachers, slashed budgets, tougher linear examinations and higher expectations. Not only has GCSEPod adapted to changes in the UK, it has expanded into 30 countries, providing expertly written, highly concentrated learning and revision content to reinforce and consolidate key topics for 20+ subjects.

The Guardian

Stand: F1

The Guardian has been at the heart of the education sector for nearly 40 years.

Every week on a Tuesday we publish vacancies as well as covering the latest news, features and topical content from the world of education. Digitally we are even stronger, with 117,000 education professionals visiting Guardian Jobs each month.

Get in touch with us today, call 0203 353 3400 or email


Stand: C20

In January 2019, humanutopia is 15 years old and we are immensely proud of the ever-increasing impact of our programmes, which have now reached almost 350,000 young people across the world. Our dedicated teams of young facilitators continue to help empower young people to make positive changes in their own lives by increasing levels of Hope, Confidence, Happiness and Relationships whilst also improving employability. We strive to be global leaders in external support for schools and students.

Independent Thinking

Stand: D8

For 25 years Independent Thinking has been working with schools throughout the UK and abroad to help them put children and young people right at the heart of things. Bringing together extraordinary educational speakers and award-winning writers from across the educational world, Independent Thinking has a well-earned reputation for input that is challenging, inspiring, practical and socially minded. Or, to put it another way, we’re an education company. We take people’s brain for a walk.

IRIS Connect

Stand: D9

With 2300 schools using their system in 24 countries worldwide, IRIS Connect is the market-leader in video-based professional development.

Their professional development platform is built on research and gives you a cost effective and sustainable way to support professional growth. It provides all the activities research shows are needed to have a real impact on teaching and learning. These include access to expert CPD resources, lesson capture technology for enhanced self-reflection and lesson observation, and the tools to enable more effective coaching and mentoring.

For the individual teacher, IRIS Connect makes CPD self-directed, contextualised and evidence-based. For school improvement, it enables the development of a culture of trust, openness, and collaboration that leads to more-effective teaching and most importantly, better learning.

Just Like Us

Stand: E6

Just Like Us is working for a world where LGBT+ young people live awesome lives.

They partner with employers to train LGBT+ students to be relatable role models for school students, giving talks and workshops that champion LGBT+ equality and challenge prejudice.

Their young role models have worked with over 30,000 school students. More than 650,000 teachers and pupils celebrated School Diversity Week 2018, their national initiative celebrating LGBT+ equality in education.


Stand: F7

Kognity’s curriculum aligned intelligent textbooks couple the highest quality interactive content with our platform’s data-driven formative assessment approach.

This ensures that students have access to engaging content and exam prep material, and continuously see their individual strengths and weaknesses. Teachers see their students’ progress, allowing them to differentiate their teaching and automate formative assessment based on each student’s needs.

More than 500 schools have already chosen Kognity.


Stand: E5

Lexonik is an innovative literacy programme, suitable for learners from age 9 to adulthood.

Unlike any other training or intervention, the methodology and unique combination of structured
activities which make up Lexonik, deliver consistently dramatic results. The average reading
age gain of students after six, one-hour weekly sessions, is an amazing 27 months! Find out more about how we address the word gap and how we can raise attainment levels in your school.

My Education Group

Stand: My Education Group

My Education Group is a provider of Chinese language and culture programmes for schools. By broadcasting Beijing based Chinese teachers directly into the classroom to deliver live and interactive lessons, they use video conferencing technology to connect schools with Asia in the most exciting, engaging and cost-effective way.

Their programme allows students a unique opportunity to develop a global perspective and gain the valuable language skills required to broaden their opportunities for the future.


Stand: A8

My Learning supplies educational technology solutions to over 900,000 users. Providing digital tools and online communities for schools since 2009, we integrate with Management Information, Content Providers and Office or Google services.

We offer homework tools, awards, file share, parent portal systems and communications together with integrated learning management. A single digital learning community uniting Staff, Teachers, Students and Parents on any device for any age ability or language. Your school community, online.


Stand: D11

MyTutor is the leading online platform for one-to-one tuition in the UK. We match the most inspiring, high calibre tutors from the best universities with secondary school pupils, to reinforce the work your teachers do in class. Our tuition boosts pupil confidence and our results are impressive – just 12 hours of tuition raises attainment by an average of 1.2 grades. Join over 270 schools already using MyTutor, visit our stand to find out more.


Stand: F2

At NCFE and CACHE, we understand that every learner, just like every school, is different and it’s important to create a curriculum to help all of your learners thrive, whilst gaining performance points for your school.

Create your best curriculum with our range of solutions:
• technical qualifications to complement academic subjects
• qualifications with clear routes into the workplace or further education
• PSHE and employability qualifications
• post-16 qualifications for their next steps
• high-quality support and resources.

Oxford University Press

Stand: D10

The Pearson Teaching Awards

Stand: E8

The Teaching Awards, often known as the ‘Oscars for Teachers’ were established to recognise and celebrate excellence in education. The Awards honour outstanding teachers and teaching, and highlight just how vital success in education is to the health and wealth of the UK. We run the ‘Thank a Teacher’ campaign and the Pearson Teaching Awards, which culminate in a UK ceremony filmed by the BBC. To find out more, and nominate a colleague visit

Reading Solutions UK

Stand: F16

Reading Plus®, distributed in the UK by Reading Solutions UK, is a personalised online reading program designed to improve the reading fluency and comprehension, as well as increasing the confidence and motivation, of children in primary school and high school. Pupils who have used the program for 30 hours during school hours have improved their reading ability by up to 2 years.


Stand: E7

Working with great schools to create world class learning experiences, realsmart links MIS data to smart apps and G Suite for Education, alongside homework and portfolio building applications that engage students and improve learning outcomes.


Stand: F5

Renaissance® is a leading provider of assessment technology to primary and secondary schools. Renaissance products promote success amongst students of all ages and abilities through personalised assessment and practice in reading and maths. Our software helps to enhance literacy and numeracy skills, support differentiated instruction, and personalise learning to optimise student development. Immediate feedback and detailed reporting equip teachers with the information needed to monitor progress and measure growth. In the UK and Ireland, almost 6,000 schools and more than 1.4 million students use Renaissance products. For more information, visit

School Colours

Stand: C18

In 1870 C.G. Southcott started making military uniforms in Bridlington, today his great-grandsons run School Colours. The principles of using the latest machinery and technologies have not changed over the generations, ensuring our garments are the highest quality available.

For 4 generations we have been supplying high-quality school uniforms to schools throughout the UK, as well other countries. Our designs allow schools to achieve a unique & smart appearance that the children, teachers & parents can all be proud of.

Our services include bulk supply to schools with their own shops to our direct-to-parents online service.

Shannon Trust (Turning Pages)

Stand: A4

Turning Pages: a phonics based reading programme written for older learners (10yrs and above).
5 interactive manuals and 30 graded reading books: delivered 1:1 in just 20 minutes a day. No specialist training needed.

‘Turning Pages improved the reading of all Learners regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, whether or not they had a learning difficulty or dyslexia or spoke English as an additional language.’
Birmingham City University Evaluation Report.


Stand: C8

Sparx is a unique, blended learning approach that combines traditional teaching methods with sophisticated technology and high-quality content. Covering KS3 and GCSE maths curriculum, Sparx’s intuitive, adaptive platform focuses on improving student motivation by creating an individual learner profile and delivering the right level of challenge for each student.

Talk the Talk

Stand: A9

Talk The Talk – confident communication for life

Oracy is the foundation of literacy, a key to social mobility and an effective method of boosting academic attainment.

Talk The Talk workshops will get your students talking. High impact training examines content, structure and delivery of talk in a fast-moving and engaging classroom environment. With the ever-growing use of digital communications, our expert trainers ensure students are equipped with positive verbal communication skills to engage in society as active citizens.

Tempest Photography

Stand: A15

We’ve been in the academic photography business for nearly a century and our passion for quality and friendly service remains at the heart of everything we do.

From traditional school portraits, to small groups and whole school photography: no matter how big or small your establishment; we have the photography service and the products to suit you.
For more information, call: 01736 751555, visit: and follow: @HTempestPhoto. #LookingGoodWithTempest


Stand: D5

Trusted by teaching communities worldwide, Twinkl changes lives by providing instant access to a complete range of teacher created, engaging and inspiring teaching, planning and assessment materials to support learning from birth. Visit


Stand: C17

Unifrog is the one-stop-shop for all things careers and destinations. We provide an online platform where students can explore their interests, then find and successfully apply for their best next step after school. We also help you and your colleagues to manage your careers strategy and the progression process effectively and analyse students’ destinations.

VEX Robotics

Stand: D6

VEX Robotics is the leading platform for educational robotics around the world. With the plastic VEX IQ platform for KS 2 & 3 and the metal VEX EDR kits for KS 3, 4 and 5 it is perfectly placed to allow students to develop in a problem-solving and engaging way. The free programming software, free curriculum and the extra-curricular VEX Robotics Competition means teachers and students alike will benefit hugely from embracing this versatile resource.

Youth Sport Trust

Stand: D7

The Youth Sport Trust is a children’s charity working to ensure every child enjoys the life-changing benefits that come from play and sport. We work with more than 20,000 schools across the UK and operate on a local, national and global level. We harness the power of sport, physical education and PE to build life skills, connections between people and support networks which increase life chances through greater attainment, improved wellbeing and healthier lifestyles.