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Main Stage sessions

Think like an artist

Will Gompertz
Arts Editor, BBC

Wednesday, 10.30

We all have the capacity to develop ground-breaking ideas that can change the world for the better. We are all creative. The problem is, we don’t always believe we are. We doubt our ability to generate ideas of worth, or feel unsure about the path to take. Will Gompertz has spent his professional life talking to and observing artists, and in doing so has come to understand what it is they do that enables them to use their creative faculties so successfully. There are specific traits and rituals that artists share, which we can learn from in order to, and put to, immediate use in our personal and professional lives. It’s not that difficult. We just have to learn to think like an artist.

Reflections on pure imagination

Andrew Morrish, Chief Executive, Victoria Academies Trust and David Priestley, Executive Headteacher, Greenfield Community College, A Specialist Arts & Science School

Wednesday, 10.30

Further details on this session are coming soon.

Imagine if… we put creativity at the heart of the curriculum

Charlotte Church
Educational campaigner and singer

Wednesday, 14.00

Charlotte’s session will be based on her recent research into the UK education system, curriculum and pedagogy. Charlotte’s research is motivated by her own mission to set up a school in Cardiff, focused on creativity and learner autonomy; which she anticipates being part of a wider network of like-minded educationalists who want to foster a different approach to schooling. Her particular interests include creative pedagogies, the arts, child-centred approaches, learner-autonomy and personalisation.

Charlotte’s session will draw on her experience of visiting many schools in the last month, talking to teachers, students and academics, and her own personal insights on the journey to founding a school. She will use her session to engage delegates in a wider conversation about these issues, which she hopes to take forward into 2019 and beyond.

Imagine if… robots ran our schools

Priya Lakhani OBE
Chief Executive Officer/Founder, CENTURY Tech

Wednesday, 16.15

Imagine if robots planned lessons and marked books.

Imagine if robots differentiated their teaching for every learner.

Perhaps you’re imagining an army of droids replacing our great teachers. But that’s not what we’re imagining! We’re imagining advanced technology being used to liberate teachers from time-consuming administrative tasks that add little value for learners.

We’re imagining artificial intelligence being used to personalise learning for every student so that everyone is supported and challenged according to their individual needs.

And the truth is, we are not really imagining at all; it’s already here.

Ofsted in conversation

Amanda Spielman
Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Ofsted

Thursday, 10.00

In conversation with Tom Middlehurst, Director of the SSAT National Conference.

Imagine if… it didn’t matter where you came from

David Lammy

Thursday, 13.00

Further details on David’s session are coming soon.