SSAT at Pride in London 2019

SSAT Aspirations Show 2018 - 6 July 2018 - University Square Stratford, London - Sponsored by University of East London
SSAT Aspirations Show 2018 - 6 July 2018 - University Square Stratford, London - Sponsored by University of East London

Join SSAT at Pride in London!

We are inviting all SSAT member schools the opportunity to come together at the Pride in London Parade on Saturday 6 July 2019.

Pride in London provides a platform for the LGBT+ community to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for the freedoms that will allow us to live our lives on a genuinely equal footing.

As part of SSAT’s ongoing work to support schools tackle homo, bi and transphobic bullying, we wish to give teachers, leaders and students in our member schools the opportunity to march in the Parade together, under the joint banner of SSAT, the Schools, Students and Teachers network.

We know that many of our member schools have active LGBT+ groups, but that these can sometimes be small, and isolated from other similar staff and youth groups. As a national network of schools, we have the opportunity to bring these groups together at Pride in London.

We are inviting schools to bring between one and five members of their school community to join us on Saturday 6 July.

Who should apply?

Groups can come from any SSAT member school, any phase, anywhere in the country. We will accept applications from any groups within schools, providing they are committed to the principles of Pride in London.

You might be:

  • An existing LGBT+ / allies group of students and staff
  • An informal or new LGBT+ / allies group of students and staff
  • A broader welfare or anti-bullying group
  • A group of LGBT+ / allied staff and other adult stakeholders
  • An individual staff member within an SSAT school.

What happened in 2018?

In 2018, SSAT and some of our members marched in the Pride in London Parade for the very first time. Here is some of the feedback from the day.

  • The response from the crowds was definitely a highlight along with seeing the students that were with our group looking so engaged and happy that they had the opportunity to just be themselves.
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity, it was without a doubt one of the highlights of my teaching career.
  • The students were blown away by the amount of support from the crowds and others walking in the parade.
  • It has really given them [the students] not only a cultural experience but spurred on their confidence in continuing the LGBT agenda back at school.

Application process

SSAT member schools may apply for up to five places in the official Parade. These places can be filled by staff, students and other stakeholders – it’s entirely up to you!

All we ask is for a named lead individual – who must be an adult – and how many places in the Parade you would like (up to five in total). It is your choice as a school how you allocate your own places.

There are 70 SSAT places in the Parade. Individual and group applications from SSAT schools must be received by Friday 24 May 2019, following which, schools will go into a ballot.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact your Relationship Manager.


On the day

Successful individuals and groups will come representing their own school, but march under the joint banner of SSAT. Schools can set their own dress codes; we will provide SSAT Pride badges and flags for all attendees, or you can bring your own.

We will just require the name of your lead team member – who else you choose to bring within your allocated places is up to you. Where schools are bringing students under the age of 18, they are must follow your school’s safeguarding and risk assessment practices – including ensuring that parental photo permissions are sought.

Schools will meet at the start of the Parade and be given official Pride in London wristbands, and will march the whole Parade together as individual schools within the SSAT network. Full details of meeting and timing will be provided to successful applicants nearer the time. The Parade is due to start at 12pm in central London.

The Code of Conduct for Pride in London

  1. Pride in London is a celebration of diversity and equality, and all participants in the Pride in London parade are expected to embrace and respect this.
  2. Pride in London will not tolerate any threatening, violent or offensive behaviour against its volunteers, staff, other parade participants, police, security personnel or members of the public.
  3. Pride celebrates diversity and will not tolerate any individual making derogatory remarks about a person’s sexuality, gender, gender identity, race, age, nationality, disability, appearance, religion or any other factor.
  4. Any individual infringing the bodily integrity of other participants will be removed from the parade immediately and referred to the police.
  5. Pride in London believes it is important for all parade participants to abide by clear legal guidelines concerning alcohol and drugs.
  6. Any volunteer or parade participant that is deemed aggressive, incapacitated, threatening, a threat to their own health, or unable to fulfil the role they intended to do due to intoxication, will not be permitted to take part in the event.
  7. Pride in London asks for everyone to please act responsibly and limit alcohol consumption during the parade form up and during the parade itself.
  8. Pride in London is a celebration of everybody and everybody. As guidance, ‘swimsuit coverage’ is the minimum requirement.
  9. There are clear legal guidelines around public nudity, taking part in sexual acts in public, and flashing, which all parade participants are expected to abide by.
  10. If you see or are notified of any incident that would break this code of conduct, please notify a steward or a member of the Police immediately.

Saturday 6 July 2019

The Parade is due to start at 12pm 

Central London

Who can apply
SSAT member schools

When do you need to apply
Apply by Friday 24 May 2019