SSAT Teaching Schools Network

As the backbone of the school-led system, teaching schools are essential to the ongoing development of the education sector. If your school is a member of the SSAT Secondary, Primary or Special networks and a teaching school, you’re automatically a member of the SSAT Teaching Schools Network.

As a member of the network you will receive:

  • Access to teaching school specific news, policy updates and peer support through our email fourm; enabling you to discuss issues, ask questions and share ideas
  • Bespoke brokerage support for your teaching school activity through your SSAT relationship manager
  • Promotion of your teaching school through our teaching school network map
  • The opportunity to join the National Teaching School Network steering group

How to join

If you are from an SSAT member school and would like to join the SSAT Teaching Schools Network as your school’s representative at no extra cost, complete the online form.

View a map of all SSAT Teaching Schools Network members.

How can we support you to meet your teaching school KPI’s?

In order to support you in the ‘big three’ core areas of responsibility as a teaching school SSAT provides a number of tools, resources and programmes. We are always looking for and adding new ideas, resources and case studies to help teaching schools – contact your relationship manager to put forward your suggestions.

Area How SSAT can support you
School-led ITT


TSA Key Performance Indicator (Nov 2017)

·         At least 15 teachers trained per year

·         Percentage of trainee teachers who have secured a teaching post within 6 months is at or above national average


Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and retention: three things schools are doing while government prevaricates

Three keys to recruitment and retention


Series of SSAT blogs about someone first year of teaching to share with your new teachers:

The weeks before starting work

The first training day

Making a positive first impression on your students

How can I seems as I have been teaching for years

How to explain things clearly

How to ask effective questions

How to manage a challenging class

Observations and Ofsted



Continuing Professional Development TSA Key Performance Indicator (Nov 2017)

·         At least 50 evidence based CPLD days delivered per academic year

·         At least 90% of participants believe that the CPLD activity they attended has or will help improve practice in their school and agree that the benefits of the CPD activity outweighed any short term impact on workload


We can support you in providing high quality programmes written by experts and fully resourced with tutor notes, slide decks and resources which you can adapt to meet the specific needs of your delegates.


Our programmes aim to provide you with cost effective, income generating and hassle free programmes enabling you to support the schools and teachers across your alliance.


For teachers:


·         SSAT Enhancing Teaching Programme (ETP)


·         The SSAT Lead Practitioner programme provides opportunities for teachers to work on research projects, which can impact across your TSA and beyond. Become a SSAT Lead Practitioner Learning Centre to support teachers across your network.


For leaders:


·         Leaders for the Future


·         Middle Leadership Modules


·         Department for Education National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML)


·         SSAT leadership programmes including Next Generation Headteachers and Stepping Up to Senior Leadership provide opportunities for key members of staff to engage in a national initiative and bring this experience back into your network.



Articles to demonstrate the use or impact of research:

·      How can Teachers become more evidence-informed, written by Durrington High School’s Director of Research.

·      SSAT meets Professor Rob Coe: Part 1
Proper research is what identifies great teaching

·      SSAT meets Professor Rob Coe: Part 2
Can teaching become an evidence-based profession?

·      Current awareness from the SSAT Journal and other publications


School-to-school support TSA Key Performance Indicator (Nov 2017)

·         Provide at least 30 days of deployment per academic year, to schools identified as in need of support

·         At least 90% of support provided is rated as good or better by the supported school.



Use the SSAT Peer Review programme to engage all the schools across your TSA – sign up together or consider a programme tailored to your alliance for best value.


Use the SSAT Framework for Exceptional Education (FfEE) to support your schools’ self-review and planning framework. FfEE is a developmental framework designed to motivate and inspire schools to improve for their students and communities.

Practicalities of running a teaching School Our teaching schools training experience includes sessions on many of the practical aspects of running and managing a teaching school, including marketing and branding, project management and budgets.

Many of our programmes mentioned above now include materials and resources to help with these aspects.


Contact us if you have any suggestions of additional support areas to help your teaching school and alliance.


Our in-house design service,SSAT Creative, can help you with producing marketing and collateral. Contact your relationship manager to find out more.



See below for a map of all SSAT Teaching Schools Network members.


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