MindEd Conference 2016 – Articles


Allyance School councelling profile
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APS – The impact of mental illness stigma on health care 2014
BMC Psychiatry – Profiles of family-focused adverse experiences in adolescence
British Journal of Psychiatry – Mindfulness in schools
Cambridgeshire County Council – Local authority support for whole school approaches to mental health
Cambridgeshire County Council – Public mental health strategy 2015-2018
Cameron Grant Memorial Trust
Critically evaluating school mental health – Process sheet
Curriculum guide (mental health) – Canada
Effective school mental health provision – Canada
Genes environments and depressions in young people – Ian Goodyer"
"Go-to" educator training: mental health identification and navigation – Canada"
Lancet – online cognitive behavioural therapy effectiveness
"Mental health literacy – Past present and future – Journal of Psychiatry"
Mental Health Network – Key facts and trends spreadsheet – 2016 update
National Curriculum Guide – Mental health literacy
National Institute for Health Research – East of England – Delphi Study Profile – Community-based model for emotional resilience
Pre-service education project – Canada
School mental health literacy publications – Canada
SSAT mental health roundtable discussion report 2016
The government response to the Youth Select Committee on young people's mental health – Jan 2016
Transitions – higher education – Canada