SEN Lead Practitioner accreditation success stories

LP-skills-1000We’re delighted that a number of schools who have achieved success with the Lead Practitioner Accreditation have agreed to showcase their work – giving you an insight into the accreditation and what is required for you to be successful.

The accreditation is an online tool which practitioners use to assess themselves against a set of key skills (depicted in the graphic to the right) – helping them to develop a portfolio of evidence in support of the impact of their work.

These key skills have been developed through years of consultation with headteachers and practitioners – they are all required to effectively lead practice. They are:

Personal skills

  • 1. Communication and presenting
  • 2. Negotiating and influencing
  • 3. Challenging, developing and innovating
  • 4. Always a learner

Professional knowledge

  • 5. Undertaking research to improve specialist knowledge
  • 6. Knowing how all learners (practitioners and students) learn and progress
  • 7. Transferring specialist expertise, knowledge and pedagogy

Process and impact on others

  • 8. Coaching to lead
  • 9. Negotiating to lead
  • 10. Networking to lead.

There are four levels of leading practice within the accreditation programme:

1 – BeginningWith another colleague
2 – DevelopingWith your team
3 – ExtendingBeyond your team
4 – Transforming and leadingRegional, national and international

To gain accreditation, applicants must provide evidence that they have reached at least level three for at least seven of the ten skills.

Showcased work

All schools have provided evidence of teachers achieving levels three and four.