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What is the Visible Classroom Project?

Join project lead Dr Janet Clinton as she explains what the groundbreaking Visible Classroom Project is and how it significantly enhances instantaneous teacher feedback.

The Visible Classroom research project (a partnership between University of Melbourne, Ai-Media and SSAT) aims to improve student achievement outcomes by supporting teachers’ professional practice development. The project aims to encourage teachers to reflect on their teaching and develop classroom practice using real-time, credible evidence.

Beginning in September 2016, the project will be trialled at schools across England. Funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), the trial looks at the potential effectiveness of the Visible Classroom project.

Building on the work of Professor John Hattie, showing that maximising feedback to teachers about their impact is a key driver of excellence, this project provides an opportunity to hear him speak at the launch / celebration event. The rubric used to analyse teacher talk is built around his and the University of Melbourne’s work.

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Please note that recruitment to the project has now closed.

At selected schools, all year 5 teachers all year 6 teachers will be expected to participate. Schools will also need to identify a lead mentor who will be the main contact between the project and the school (not be one of the year 5 and 6 teachers).

Participating teachers will use the Visible Classroom Mobile App, accessed via a smartphone or a tablet, to record their normal lesson practice. They then upload this recording to Ai-Media. Ai-Media will provide a verbatim transcript of the teacher’s talk a few hours after the lesson. Alongside the word-for-word transcript will be simple teaching analytics.

After five lessons have been uploaded, teachers will receive a more detailed feedback report from experts at the University of Melbourne. Teachers will also be asked to later review their feedback reports with a mentor at their school. The purpose of the project is to test whether providing feedback to teachers on their audio recorded lessons has an impact on student outcomes for KS2 results in maths and English.

The main question the evaluation seeks to answer:

  • Does the Visible Classroom intervention increase the educational attainment of Y5 and Y6 students (age 9-11) in combined KS2 maths and English scores?

Secondary research questions consider impact on:

  • The maths and English results for each year group independently
  • The maths and English results of Free School Meal (FSM) students
  • The impact of students whose teachers score in the bottom third of the VC rubric, as measured at baseline

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FAQs about this project

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Key dates and project timeline

Date Activity
Week beginning 6 June 2016 Applications open
Mid June – July 2016 Telephone interviews with SSAT
July 2016 Successful schools notified. Agreements sent and returned
September 2016 Second phase recruitment
September 2016 All: Baseline testing
October 2016 Schools notified if they are in intervention or control group
November 2016 Intervention group: all year 5 and 6 teachers attend training event in London or The Midlands and complete a short survey at the event
November 2016 Control group: Baseline surveys
October/November 2016 Intervention group: Mentors participate in online webinar
November 2016 – May 2017 Intervention group: Ongoing use of Visible Classroom App
June 2017 All: End of project surveys
Summer 2018 All: Attend celebration event
November 2018 First draft of report released by EEF

Please note that recruitment to the project has now closed. For any questions about the project, email

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