Vision 2040

Vision 2040 was a national group of dedicated and innovative school teachers and leaders who engaged in school-based action research into the four themes of Redesigning Schooling:

  • Effective teaching and learning
  • Principled curriculum design
  • Intelligent accountability
  • The new professionalism

Over the following two years, research teams worked together to survey the best practice across the UK and internationally, producing reports curated by SSAT. The recommendations from these reports set the agenda for how schooling should look by 2040. At SSAT we are clear that policy and school-practice should be based on evidence of what works.

A vision for education – beyond five-year policy cycles

Vision 2040

Vision 2040 envisages the fulfilment of a new paradigm for education. This publication follows 25 years in the professional life of a newly qualified teacher in 2015, tracking the key events and milestones that, by 2040, have revolutionised the education system as we know it now. The Vision 2040 group and SSAT implore you to read it, talk about it, challenge it, share it or even write your own vision for 2040.