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SSAT National Conference 2015: Quality and Equity

3-4 December, Manchester Central

SSAT National Conference 2015

The SSAT National Conference 2015 focused on the two principles that underpin all excellent education systems: quality and equity.

If each individual school, and our society as a whole, is serious about social mobility then we have to continue to close the gap while raising the overall quality of teaching and learning.

Presentations from the event

Time Host(s) Strand Presentation
Day one
09.30 Stephen Tierney All Inspiring quality and equity: introducing the strands
11.35 Dr Russ Quaglia Closing the gaps Student voice and aspirations – the key to unlocking schools' potential
13.45 Steyning Grammar School Raising the bar Raising the bar – embedding excellence by placing learning characteristics at the centre of school development
Farlingaye High School Raising the bar Reach for the stars: Ensuring your most able achieve at the highest level
Sir Thomas Freemantle School Leading learning Extending the school day – widening opportunity
Bluecoat Academy Leading learning Life after levels – a personalised approach
Tudor Grange Academy Leading learning Raising standards of teaching and learning through deliberate practice and peer collaboration
14.40 Dr Tom Harrison All Teachers of character
Darwen Aldridge Community Academy Closing the gaps Closing the pupil premium gap through entrepreneurial education
Kingsford Community College Closing the gaps The forensic use of data to raise achievement and close gaps and demonstrate success
Wade Deacon High School Closing the gaps Effective use of the pupil premium and measuring impact
The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust Leading learning Rodillian Academy – coaching and performance model
The Duston School Leading learning Mind the gap: learning design [Innovative Curriculum Design]
The Galaxy Federation, Oakfield Community Primary School Leading learning Putting the community at the heart of the school
15.55 Bay House School and Sixth Form Closing the gaps Support staff impact on teaching and learning – a joined up approach
Minsthorpe Community School Closing the gaps Data at the heart of the classroom
Olympus Academy Trust Closing the gaps Cross-phase Inset: developing practice through collaboration
St Catherine's Catholic School for Girls Raising the bar (Leading Learning) Approaches to building confidence and resilience – the self-reflective student
SSAT with Heckmondike Grammar School, Woodrush High School and Heathfield Community School Raising the bar Journey to world class
Weston Favell Academy Raising the bar How to develop a creative curriculum to secure progress
Tom Sherrington Leading learning Leading learning: thinking big and small
16.50 Guy Claxton All Cognition character and certification: can we do it all?
Day two
08.00 Dr Russ Quaglia and Dr Lisa Lande Leading learning Teacher voice: are you ready to listen?
Shona MacLeod, NFER Closing the gaps How are more effective schools supporting disadvantage pupils to achieve?
Dave Harris, Independent Learning Leading learning Leading dialogues about teaching and learning
Anne-Marie Duguid, SSAT and Philippa Cordingley, CUREE Various Content knowledge and pedagogy: what comes first?
Sue Stirling and Jo Loughran, Time to Change Closing the gap Mentally healthy schools
09.00 Marva Rollins Leading learning Equity in the workplace
10.45 Professor Becky Francis Closing the gaps Bridging the social class gap in educational outcomes
Woodrush High School Raising the bar Developing character through personalisation and practical opportunities
EP-Nuffic Raising the bar Rethinking quality: an international perspective. Help! My child goes vocational.
Global Learning Programme (England) Raising the bar Whole school development around global and international learning
Andy Williams, SSAT Leading learning Innovation using online tools to support leadership of learning
The Clere School Leading learning Leading learning to take a school rapidly from special measures to good and from R.I. to outstanding! (twice!)
Holy Trinity CoE Secondary School, Crawley Leading learning Creating a culture of high-quality learning through leadership CPL and appraisal
11.40 Tim Oates CBE Raising the bar Raising achievement and progress over time
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Closing the gaps SEND: integration not segregation
Southend High School for Boys Closing the gaps Lippy Kids: enabling creative young people to flourish through enlightened leadership of learning
South Bristol Consortium for Young People Closing the gaps 'Crafting Confidence': how public speaking sharpens essential character traits
Chobham Academy Leading learning Using lead practitioners to develop the quality of whole school teaching and learning
13.25 Neston High School Closing the gaps Achievement for all – transforming the lives of children vulnerable to underachievement
Bents Green School and Talbot Specialist School Closing the gaps Personalised learning
Corsham Secondary School Closing the gaps Pupil premium – getting the philosophy right
South Wirral High School Raising the bar Preparing your school for the 'brave new world'
John Henry Newman Catholic College Raising the bar Foundations for success
Homewood School Raising the bar The I-College as a model for moving beyond the theory of personalisation [Prezi]
Ross Morrison McGill Leading learning Leading teaching and learning
14.20 Sir John Dunford OBE All Quality and equity: the twin goals of a successful school

Mainstage student performances

Watch films of truly stunning performances from a number of schools.

Photos from the event

Speakers included

SSAT National Conference 2015 speakersBecky Francis

SSAT National Conference 2015Ian Livingstone CBE

SSAT National Conference 2015 speakersJoan Deslandes

SSAT National Conference 2015 speakersRoss Morrison McGill

SSAT National Conference 2015 speakersTanya Byron

SSAT National Conference 2015 speakersTom Sherrington

Strands within the event

Conference content was split into three strands, all of which promote quality and equity within our education system.

Closing the gaps

Identifying and closing the gaps between different groups of students
Delegates explored ways of systematically identifying, tracking and monitoring the gaps between different groups of students for different outcomes. Attendees also discovered innovative interventions that have been used to successfully close these gaps.

Raising the bar

Continually improving a range of educational outcomes for all students
This strand focused on how school leaders are improving a range of different outcomes. Including attainment at KS2, KS4 and KS5, progress and achievement at all stages, character, non-cognitive skills, employability and life-long learning.

Leading learning

Putting learning at the heart of school leadership
As a school leader how do you ensure that learning is at the heart of every decision-making process? This strand focused on whole-school pedagogies, innovative curriculum and assessment design, student voice and personalised approaches to learning, and leading staff learning.

ssat national conference 2015

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