National Data Managers’ Award

What is the SSAT National Data Managers’ Award (NDMA)?

The SSAT NDMA is the accreditation for anyone who is responsible for the use of data in all phases of education.

This Pearson–assured award recognises the skill and expertise of those with responsibility for data and the contribution they make to raising student performance.

The award is open to all those with responsibility for data use and the contribution it makes to the strategic and operational objectives of the school, college or academy.

Download the SSAT National Data Managers’ Award (NDMA)

What does the NDMA consist of?

Candidates submit five pieces of work which focus on key aspects of the data manager’s role:

  • How your work supports the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act
  • Demonstrating a high level of skill and understanding of technical skills such as performance data analysis and target-setting that encourage system improvement
  • Impact and innovation – a 3 year plan of your work or a major initiative you have led or been closely involved in
  • Networking and collaboration – a report of a visit made to another data manager that is evaluative and that outlines key learning points
  • The impact of your role on your school’s data collection and analysis processes

Candidates can choose to submit all five pieces of work by the completion date for each cohort or each of them individually during the course.

Past participants have reported that researching and completing their submissions have made them a much more reflective and confident data manager, they have appreciated the recognition and status it has given them and many have also used it as a stepping stone to posts of greater responsibility, either in their present school or elsewhere.

When can you enrol?

Enrol now and choose your start date from the following:

9 April 2018

There are two options, each for the same award:

National Data Managers Award Only – For those candidates who have the experience to complete the units with minimal support.

Cost: £425 SSAT members; £637.50 non-members

National Data Managers Award Plus – This option includes online advice and mentoring to support candidates with their work towards the award.

Cost: £825 SSAT members; £1237.50 non-members

All prices exclude VAT.

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