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The largest and most active network of schools, helping teachers to empower students to succeed

Nominations close for the Leadership Legacy Project on 5 July
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Our membership networks and range of CPD programmes for teachers offer practical schools-led advice and innovative, long term strategies.

SSAT’s Embedding Formative Assessment programme
In February 2019, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) released their evaluation conclusions that students in schools which have implemented this flexible programme, co-designed between SSAT and Dylan Wiliam, made the equivalent of two months’ additional progress at GCSE.
Why implement the programme?
Improved student achievement

Students made the equivalent of two months’ additional progress
Bespoke leadership support

Tailored to your school’s individual needs to maximise the programme’s impact
Whole-school culture change

Encourages collaboration between teachers and students, and a stronger sense of community
Low cost,
high impact

Positive impact on teacher workload and practice at a minimal cost per student
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Current advice and ideas from SSAT members and advisers.

Primary Network conference focuses on student and teacher wellbeing and mutual understanding

SSAT’s Primary Network Conference on 12 June demonstrated how a focus on teacher and chill wellbeing significantly alters the learning landscapes and the goals that can be achieved by strategising in unique ways.
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‘Inside-out’ coaching – how a new understanding of the mind reshaped a vision of wellbeing

Laura Anthony, Learning Manager Coaching & Mentoring and Mental Health Lead, Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College, highlights how ‘inside-out’ coaching techniques have transformed the way students and teachers approach mental health wellbeing in schools.
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A whole-school and a whole-year approach

The All Together programme organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance demonstrates how to achieve school success with three key aspects in mind. Nicola Murray, head of programmes for the Anti-Bullying Alliance, reports.
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Join SSAT as a member and you become part of the biggest and most active network of schools in the country.

Whether you are a primary, secondary or special school, membership offers rich opportunities for inspiring and purposeful collaboration with other like-minded school leaders.

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