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Explore the powerful benefits of coaching and develop key coaching skills with SSAT

Coaching is increasingly being used by leaders and practitioners in schools to develop and get the best out of people. It plays an important part in building positive working and learning cultures.

There’s a wealth of evidence that demonstrates how coaching can unlock potential, maximise performance and help us secure better outcomes in our organisations. Coaching is an invaluable part of a toolkit which equips us to empower others so that they can find their own solutions to issues, and pathways to achieve their goals.

SSAT Coaching is available for teachers, leaders and other staff in all phases and includes:

In an organisation with a coaching culture you would see:

  • leaders and managers developing other leaders and managers
  • open, honest and supportive conversations at all levels
  • coaching for development, not to manage poor performance
  • the routine giving of constructive feedback
  • a clear vision for coaching in the organisation.

SSAT Coaching – One-to-One coaching

SSAT 1:1 Coaching provides support, challenge and opportunity to explore the issues and goals that matter to you and gives you the space that you need to formulate strategy and plans that you can successfully action.

Your SSAT Coach will objectively and confidentially help you to tackle challenging and sensitive issues and consider exciting future possibilities to positively impact your priorities.

You’ll benefit from dedicated time with an experienced external SSAT Coach who will quickly build a strong rapport with you and the members of your team they are working with.

SSAT one-to-one coaching is for those in any middle and senior leadership roles including Headteachers, Principals, Executive Heads and CEOs. It can be provided online or face to face at times convenient to you.

What have teachers and leaders said about SSAT 1:1 coaching?

“I know we have only had a few sessions, but they were incredibly impactful for me. The first session alone flicked a positive self-talk/image switch that I’d been trying to reset…. every so often I need it mirrored back to me, which is what you did brilliantly.”

“Being coached was a really powerful experience and insight into the process.”

“Coaching was responsive to what I came with each session. I found it encouraging and pinpointing.”

“Thank you for waking me up and allowing me to understand and also believe that I have more to give.”

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Introduction to coaching training

This high-quality online training is a great starting point for anyone beginning their coaching journey, wanting to refresh skills or keen to find out what part they can play a part in introducing or embedding a culture of coaching in their school.

Delivered as two 2.5hr workshops this course is for teachers, leaders and other staff in all phases who may have limited or no experience of coaching at all.

Introduction to coaching is designed to give participants the opportunity to explore the benefits of coaching and acquire skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to begin to use coaching in their roles as they develop others, lead change, sustain improvement and become coaching champions and advocates in your school.

Workshops and intersessional resources and activities enable participants to:

  • understand what coaching is and what it is not
  • consider what makes a great coach
  • study a coaching model to use across the school
  • begin to develop key coaching skills
  • identify some of the common issues that surface in coaching conversations
  • practice coaching
  • reflect on the next steps for coaching in your role and your school.

What have past participants said about SSAT Introduction to coaching?

“It was a great introduction without it being overwhelming and it was paced at a great rate.”

“It was an incredibly valuable course and linked well to TEEP 2,3 and Lead Practitioner.”

“Very useful course and a good range of activities. Great to share ideas.”

“Very interactive training. The extended learning was brilliant.”

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Developing your coaching skills

We are delighted to introduce this online training that builds on SSAT’s Introduction to coaching programme and on the coaching skills participants will have acquired through initial coaching training and other roles.

Delivered over two 3hr workshops, this programme is ideal for teachers, leaders and other staff seeking to strengthen their coaching skill set and deepen their understanding of effective coaching practices. Participants will include those intending to more regularly use coaching conversations to develop and support individuals and teams and those taking on responsibility for an aspect of their school’s coaching strategy.

Workshops and intersessional activities will enable participants to:

  • focus on coaching techniques relevant to specific issues that often arise in coaching conversations
  • familiarise themselves with one or more new models of coaching
  • access tools and resources that they can draw on when coaching
  • consider how to create a solution-focused culture of coaching in their school/organisation
  • observe, review and give feedback on coaching
  • practice coaching
  • reflect on and critique how they are applying learning from coaching training and practice

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