In a fast-moving world, education really matters.

Students need to acquire the skills, knowledge and mindsets that will help them thrive in a future no one can fully predict. For the country, education is the key to competing in a global market where new technologies, new economies and new social and environmental issues are constantly changing the rules.

The pressure on teachers to ‘deliver’ has never been more intense. Somehow, for all the leaps that have been made in education in the past twenty years, schools are being asked by all of us – employers, parents, policymakers, and students themselves – to dig even deeper.

At SSAT we have always believed that teachers make students’ lives. Our mission now is to help them to carry out this vital job even better, more confidently and more professionally than before.

To do this, we rely on our four i’s…

We help teachers to inquire, using action research and reflection as the starting point for all they do. To inspire teachers, we foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and recognition via our various networks. We encourage them to innovate, drawing on the latest thinking and practice from teachers and academics. Above all, we equip them to measure impact: gathering the hard evidence that drives improvement and builds the authority of the profession.

SSAT – inquire, inspire, innovate, impact

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