Student and Pupil Leadership

Students and pupils are central to all that SSAT does

Our understanding of student and pupil leadership and voice is drawn from excellent practice across our networks and built on SSAT’s previous work on personalising learning. We know that, when given the opportunity, young people can have a profound impact on their schools. Involvement in leadership and voice activities can improve students’ and pupils’ learning as well as helping them to develop the skills and traits needed for success outside of the classroom.

SSAT Student Leadership Audit

Exculsively for SSAT members, this audit is designed to evaluate the impact of student voice and leadership activities across a school

SSAT members can download here

SSAT offers a variety of ways to work with students in your school and develop their skills and experience:

In school training for students

We offer a range of accredited in-school training workshops designed to develop and embed the crucial skills your student leaders need to be effective in their roles.

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Student Leadership Accreditation

SSAT has developed both the Student Leadership Accreditation (SLA) for secondary and Pupil Leadership Accreditation (PLA) for primary to be an innovative way of formally recognising students’ leadership skills, encompassing all activities students are engaged in whether it’s in the classroom, across the school, or in the wider community.

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Student Passport

Academic achievement is important but preparing students for life after education requires more than this. The SSAT Student Passport provides a framework for students to record a huge range of life experiences beyond the academic with the aim of enriching their cultural capital, engaging them in citizenship and preparing them for employment.

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Training for student leadership coordinators

Join us for a one-day seminar for new or established student voice / student leadership lead members of staff, looking at what makes student leadership teams effective in school.

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