Student Leadership Accreditation

This programme offers an innovative and formal way to champion and celebrate the leadership skills your secondary students develop in and out of school, requiring students to create a portfolio in which they gather evidence to showcase their skills.

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Schools can start at any point in the year.


Resource pack for teacher and students is provided by SSAT. Requires a lead in the school to deliver programme to students.


SSAT Members: Free
Non-members: £645 + VAT


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In a primary setting?

Please visit our Pupil Leadership Accreditation page instead, which offers the equivalent programme, designed specially for primary age pupils.

The SLA offers a way to formally recognise the leadership development of secondary level students, requiring students to create a portfolio in which they gather evidence to showcase their skills. They grade their work using a self-assessment framework that covers ten core skill sets, grouped into three themes:

  • Developing myself
  • Working with others
  • Contributing to my community

Schools have the flexibility to choose from SSAT’s pre-designed criteria or develop their own school-specific criteria, with guidance from SSAT, using the principle grid.

Who is this for?

Suitable for students at any stage in their secondary school journey, the student leadership accreditation process encourages and supports students to develop their skills to make a positive contribution to the school community and beyond. The accreditation can be used as a formal recognition for your existing student leadership roles or as a basis from which to introduce new leadership development opportunities to your students.

The Accreditation Process

There are three steps to the accreditation process:

  • Self-assessment against graded criteria
  • Evidence collation and portfolio creation
  • Moderation and accreditation

SSAT Member Access:

The SLA is a benefit included in all SSAT membership types – you can accredit as many students as you wish within your membership period.

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Non-member Access:

  1. Purchase the standalone SLA annual licence for £645 (+VAT) which covers the accreditation of a cohort of students within the license period. Order online.
  2. Enjoy the SLA as part of SSAT membership, which covers all staff members and students within your school for twelve months upon signing up. Discover the wider benefits of SSAT Network Membership.

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