The team at SSAT have been supporting schools with curriculum planning for many years. Building on Dylan Wiliam’s Principled Curriculum Design (2013) we support schools to develop an approach that works for them. We believe that school leaders and teachers are best placed to design a curriculum that works in their context. There is no one-size-fits-all approach: curriculum design should build on the expertise of subject specialists and practitioners.

Quality Assuring Curriculum Provision

A workshop for senior leaders
The current Ofsted framework focuses heavily on the curriculum decisions made by subject leaders. Leaders at all levels need to be confident in articulating the rationale behind the choices that have been made and their judgements about the quality of provision.

Curriculum Planning for Middle Leaders

Building a great curriculum and evidencing impact
The current Ofsted framework focuses heavily on the curriculum decisions made by subject leaders. This programme will ensure that you have a confident understanding of what Ofsted will be looking at and suggest ways to evidence the impact of your approach to curriculum.

Framework for Exceptional Education

The Framework for Exceptional Education (FfEE) is SSAT’s flagship school improvement and planning tool. It is designed to support schools with reviewing their practice and planning for further development. It was written by the education team at SSAT with the support of a pilot group of schools from the Leading Edge network.

Curriculum Resources

Explore the wealth of curriculum resources that are available for SSAT members.

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Curriculum Conversations

Our experienced team work regularly with schools across the network. We can provide training for your whole staff, senior leaders, middle leaders and governors. Whether you join a scheduled event or you would prefer us to design a bespoke training programme for your team, we can help to develop your expertise.

Our Curriculum Conversations provide your middle leaders with an opportunity to discuss their work to date in a friendly, supportive environment. Over the course of two days, we will meet your team a department at a time to review their curriculum plans. These days are not designed to be a mock Ofsted but give middle leaders an opportunity to rehearse key questions that they might be asked during an inspection.

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SSAT resources for curriculum planning

SSAT’s 4 Pillars of Principled Curriculum Design

SSAT have long advocated a principled approach to curriculum design. This resource does not attempt to tell you what your curriculum should look like, rather it poses the questions that you need to ask and be confident in answering.

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SSAT’s Framework for Exceptional Education

SSAT’s self-review and planning tool. 12 key strands of school improvement, including Principled Curriculum Design.

4 Pillars of Principled Curriculum Design (Full version)

Key questions for curriculum planning, from intent to impact.

Dylan Wiliam, Principled Curriculum Design

A key text which school leaders say they return to time and time again.

SSAT on Curriculum

Reflections on a series of questions relating to curriculum, based on round table discussions with policy makers and key thinkers.