Lead Practitioner Accreditation

Lead Practitioner Accreditation is a nationally recognised status of excellent practice in education. The accreditation drives whole-school improvement by building a culture of evidence-informed teaching and learning, and can be provided to teachers and staff at an individual or cohort level.

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Whole School Lead Practitioner cohorts

Improving teaching and learning across your whole-school, network, MAT or Teaching School Alliance, Lead Practitioner provides consistent professional development disciplines rooted in action research and evidence-based teaching and learning. The standards of becoming a Lead Practitioner ensures quality assurance at every stage and empowers professionals and schools to improve together, in all settings and phases. Effectively, Lead Practitioners can turn whole-school priorities into tangible classroom impact.

Accredited status is awarded to individuals, but is most powerful when adopted on a whole-school basis or across a cluster of schools with an Lead Practitioner cohort being supported to:

  • Recruit, retain and develop future leaders of learning.
  • Evaluate each individual’s impact, identifying their strengths and areas to develop.
  • Build a culture of, evidence-informed teaching and learning.
  • Introduce a framework of standards and structure a school-wide or trust-wide professional development plan with impact at its core.

Applications for schools

If you’re looking to deliver impact and excellence across all of your schools and to do so in a consistent and sustainable way, then contact our dedicated team on 020 7802 0955 or via email for further details.

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Lead Practitioner Accreditation brochure

Find out more about becoming an individual Lead Practitioner, or establishing a cohort of Lead Practitioners. The brochure also includes case studies explaining how the accreditation has an impact on whole-school improvement.

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Becoming a Lead Practitioner

Gaining accreditation involves a rigorous evaluation process. Individuals must meet all key areas of the Lead Practitioner framework of professional standards. The accreditation will allow your teachers to continue their development as leaders of learning, influencing others around them to embrace the same standards.

Individual accreditation allows practitioners to be celebrated and recognised for their excellent practice in education. It supports professional development for the aspirant Lead Practitioner as well as those teachers and support staff they work with across their school.

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The impact of Lead Practitioner Accreditation

National recognition of excellent practice in education

Razben Miah, Subject Leader of Computing, The Ongar Academy, sat with Ejike Agubor, Senior Relationship Manager to explain why she sought to complete the SSAT Lead Practitioner Accreditation, and the importance of having her practice recognised.

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Creating the right ethos for teaching and learning improvement

Melanie Davies, Senior Lead Practitioner, Newmarket Academy, shows how the lead practitioner role has helped to move her school from special measures to good, and to make increasingly valuable contributions to the MAT.

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Applying expert advice and experience leads to improvements in whole-school literacy

Lyndsey Morgan, lead practitioner for literacy, Drapers’ Academy, describes their successful approach, which involves colleagues and students as well as outsider expertise in decision making and implementation.

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