Aspiring Lead Practitioners

These twilight seminars are an opportunity to find out more about SSAT’s Lead Practitioner accreditation programme, including:

  • what makes LP accreditation unique
  • the potential outcomes for individuals and cohorts
  • how the LP standards inform ongoing professional development
  • who can apply for LP accreditation
  • how to get involved in the programme at either individual or cohort level.

Why engage with Lead Practitioner accreditation?

SSAT’s Lead Practitioner accreditation is a rigorous process for improving teaching and learning across a school, local network or multi-academy trust. More than a set of standards and criteria, LP accreditation is a process that enables the individual to ask the right questions of themselves to drive a personalised professional learning journey that supports colleagues to develop their practice – in short to enable the individual to become a recognised leader of learning.

How does it work for the individual?

By providing consistent professional development disciplines rooted in action research and evidence-based teaching and learning, accreditation empowers professionals to improve in all settings and phases. Effectively, LPs turn whole-school priorities into tangible classroom impact.

Why establish a cohort of Lead Practitioners?

Lead Practitioner accredited status is awarded to individuals, but is most powerful when adopted on a whole-school basis or across a cluster of schools, with an LP cohort that:

  • Recruits, retains and develops future leaders of learning
  • Evaluates each other’s impact, identifying their strengths and areas to develop
  • Introduces a framework of standards with impact at its core
  • Builds a culture of effective, evidence-informed teaching and learning
  • Informs and delivers on a school-wide or trust-wide professional development plan.

How does it work for a cohort?

Most cohort leads identify their strongest practitioners from a range of roles such as teachers and support staff. Allocating aspects of school improvement priorities acts as a set of foci for accreditation and the process of registration and launch of the programme can then start. Dedicated in-house cohort support sessions are tailored to the school context and inspiring and informative.

Whether you are an individual or a potential cohort lead, you will leave the LP Briefing with a clearer idea of what LP is, why it has been so successful and how you can get involved. Following the seminar, you will be able to read case studies from LPs in different settings, and from an LP cohort lead highlighting the process and how it impacted on practitioners and their colleagues. Recruitment for the next round of Lead Practitioner accreditation with a November 2022 moderation gateway is open, and you will be able to express your interest to participate.

Date and time:

Wednesday 22 June 2022 4:00pm - 4:45pm Book now