Deliver your own training with SSAT delivery partnership

Become a delivery partner for SSAT CPD programmes.
Generate new income streams. As a delivery partner you will be able to train other schools in your network with nationally and quality assured accredited programs.

Accountability for delivering impact and excellence in our schools has never been under more scrutiny by our local authorities or demanded more by the parents of those in our charge. SSAT are a nationally recognised and award-winning organisation with over 30 years’ experience in supporting schools throughout the UK and internationally in training the next generation of teachers and leaders.

Choosing to become an SSAT delivery partner, has been an easy decision for many schools and MATs as they seek to develop their staff. Cost effective, flexible, fully supported training from SSAT, you can be confident that becoming a delivery partner will elevate your staff and schools’ performance.

Effective Primary Subject Leadership

Become an accredited SSAT delivery partner for the Effective Primary Subject Leadership programme to provide aspiring or existing primary subject leaders with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject leader role and equip them with the skills to develop their subject within their own schools.

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National Award for Middle Leadership

SSAT have supported the development of thousands of current and aspiring middle leaders, enhancing their skills and increasing their impact. Become an accredited SSAT delivery partner for the National Award for Middle Leaders.

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Pastoral Leaders

Pastoral leaders play a key role in schools; supporting student attendance, wellbeing, behaviour and academic success. SSAT’s Pastoral Leaders programme offers schools high quality modular content which can be flexibly delivered and adapted for pastoral teams through our delivery partner model.

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Stepping Up to Senior Leadership

Become an accredited SSAT delivery partner for the Stepping Up to Senior Leadership programme to equip current and future senior leaders with the attributes, skills and knowledge they need to lead with impact.

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Why is SSAT providing training for schools to deliver?

Schools need greater support than ever before. With a demand for training and support through nationally recognised, accredited and quality assured CPD programmes SSAT has built a reputation for impact and excellence. Our commitment to delivering tangible positive outcomes for schools and teachers has become the benchmark for the industry.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the skills and experience of your team, stepping up to senior leadership or looking to nurture the next generation of leaders in your school or MAT you can be confident that partnering with SSAT will deliver the exceptional outcomes you expect.

For a no obligation conversation with our dedicated advisors on how to become a delivery partner simply call us on 0207 802 0955 or contact us.

Why become an SSAT delivery partner?

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • cost effective training
  • flexible delivery
  • new income streams
  • nationally recognised and accredited
  • ‘by schools, for schools’ and therefore relevant & fit for purpose
  • fully provided training materials.

This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate a commitment to practitioner development to both train your own staff and reach the wider school’s network with high quality nationally accredited training.

Contact us today and learn how you can become a delivery partner. Simply call our dedicated advisors on 0207 802 0955 or contact us.